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    News Story This Morning

    Saw this 5 minute story on NBC Today show this morning... I am thinking as more of the world considers using cannabis, that many more “in control” people have an agenda on expelling stories to stir the minds of those in question, creating a force to oppose a formidable movement... or, the science is learning something? Any thoughts? It’s about dabs and concentrates

    Farmall, looks like Reefer Madness in a new suit, that's all. after 90 years of prohibition it's gonna take a while for people to (hopefully) wise up.


      Welcome to Reefer Madness 3.0, the easiest way to sway the will of the voting public is to convince them that their children are in danger. Teenagers have been experimenting with controlled substances ever since society started controlling them. We as a society need to do a better job of educating teens about making informed decisions rather than outright prohibiting behavioral choices. Making the argument that substance X should be prohibited because experimentation with substance X will lead to the use of the far more dangerous substance Y is a popular play by the prohibition driven propaganda machine. Never mind that it’s been proven through decades of ineffectiveness that prohibition doesn’t work.
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        Prohibition. People. Problems. I see all the crap and I wonder. Why ? Don't they have a smoke ?
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          If you can not find a way to tax and control, then make it illegal. Corn liquor was the oil for sliding straight to hell, unless it had the magic tax stamp.

          I agree, Reefer Madness 3.0 (Really wish I had kept a lot of those old comics).
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            Counter attack


              Why can't those damn kids stick to alcohol poisoning!!!!!
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                Now that made me chuckle out loud. ..👍
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              alltatup no kidding hello mom anyone home? This kid had a lot more problems beginning with birth parent.
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                Everything these days is blown out of proportion. We can't even trust news media anymore. Unless it has shock value, no one cares. Ironically places like Canada legalized cannabis about 1.5 years ago and yet their own government runs TV commercials that show the perils of cannabis. What a bunch of hypocrites! The irony is that the reason they do that is because apparently they don't have any effective means to test if a person is "under the influence".
                I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


                  Funny. Because all previous studies that have successfully proven that alcohol and tobacco lead to harder drugs. No mention in that article though. I can see why.
                  Now let’s analyze some data that is already available.
                  what substance do you think most Americans are using? We spend more on alcohol and tobacco than we do on education in this country. Studies like the one linked in the first post bank on uneducated Americans drinking and using tobacco. The article is insignificant at best and completely fabricated at worst.
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                    I keep over 100 bottles of booze in our bar. Most are the 1/2 gallon size as my friends like to drink and I hate running out when everyone is having such a good time. I also keep 2 gallons of 190 Everclear around for various uses. It’s terrific for starting a fire on damp wood, hand solvent, glassware cleaning, making limoncello ,and tinctures or feco.

                    yet.... a legal medical only pot stash is 2 oz.

                    where is the most damage going to occur ? a few social kick ass cosmopolitans or a joint ?

                    while we can be wiped out on booze or weed, no one is stupid enough to leave and cause themselves a problem, someone is always a non-user of either so a drive home is easy enough and has happened and, I have plenty of pillows, blankets and floor if needed and wtf...a king sized bed can sleep 6-8 boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl (you get the idea)

                    one weekend, our recycle bucket was filled with Jack Daniels bottles maybe 15? I would love to have seen the faces on the guys who pick up those recycles buckets

                    it does concern me that when these stupid rules come to the point of action, the negative forces created by this type of commentary can setback a movement 75 plus years in the making.


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                      alltatup. So much appreciated... I know the type, not my kind of crowd thanks for lookin’ out for me ! Love The Graduate ...

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                      "Plastics. There's a great future in plastics. Think about it"

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                      ‘ Benjamin.... just 1 word”. Know it well😉. alltatup. We do sure think alike

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