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Anyone know anything about terpenes?

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    Anyone know anything about terpenes?

    I want to pick up some terpenes so I can mix it with rosin to make some carts. I have no idea what I'm looking for or what brands can be trusted. Anyone have a clue to share with me?

    Yes, I bought some alpha pinene from elevation terpenes. I have been happy with the results in the carts.
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      On the other hand rosin Pressing makes some terpy stuff already. Might want to get a wax atomizer end piece for your pen and skip the PPG dilution part used to make a liquid cart.

    Holy crap! You can buy terpenes online! They're legal! I had no idea! I don't scan my dispensary's shelves. May I should next time to see if they sell terps. As far as making carts with resin, I wouldn't recommend it. There are too many impurities. When I've made cartridges, I started with shatter and used PG or VG. For using terpenes, you might have to use distillate.
    I'm going to watch this to see what the snake oil salesmen have to say.
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      Live Rosin. It’s an extraction technique where you use heat and pressure to extract the desirable oils.
      Resin carts would be really nasty. 😤

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