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Ok what is the best way to store your seeds for a long period of time....

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    Ok what is the best way to store your seeds for a long period of time....

    Me, well I "vacuum sealed" with rice in the bag. I keep it in a cold dark place where the room is dry and a bit cold, easy for me cuz I live in Canada lolll. And you ?

    I have mine in a ziplock baggie thats in a ziplock baggie with rice that is also in a ziplock baggie which is in a plastic bag that doesnt allow light penetration in the fridge in a humidity drawer set to low...if that makes sense lol.


      In a ziplock with a silica gel pack or rice and stored in a filing cabinet in the basement.
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        Originally posted by JohnEmad View Post
        In a ziplock with a silica gel pack or rice and stored in a filing cabinet in the basement.
        I do the same except I keep mine in the fridge.
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          Agreed. Me too.

        Mine are all bag seed so just a ziplock bag or I have a bunch in a dispensary weed container, all labeled still of course. The ones in the container (not air tight) have been in there for about 3 years and they still grow just as good as the fresher ones.


          I'm going to add rice to my container now lol. I just have mine in a zip lock and in a Tupperware container in the drawer in my fridge. Never thought to UT rice in there though.


            I keep mine in a air tight container in the desk drawer in my grow room.
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              me too, ziplock baggies inside a redoxon container, those vitamin c effervescent things, it has a desiccant build into the lid, i also have insulin measuring strip containers that have the same thing. many medications come in those i think


            From RQS:

            For short-term storage, a dark cupboard or drawer with stable temperatures is usually fine. Try to keep your seeds out of areas of your house that are susceptible to the natural temperature changes of your local environment.

            If, for example, you live in an area with very warm daytime temperatures and cool nights, try to protect your seeds from these changes and don’t store them outside in a shed or garage.

            For long-term storage, it’s best to keep your seeds in a sealed container inside the fridge. Remember that opening the door of your fridge can actually cause some pretty dramatic temperature shifts. If you happen to have a second fridge that gets used less often than the one in your kitchen, use that one to store your seeds.

            Again, whenever possible, keep your seeds in their original packaging. If you do open a pack of seeds and have leftovers, transfer the extra seeds directly into a sealed airtight container.

            Ziplock bags, for example, are great because you can remove all the air from them to create an almost vacuum-sealed container for your seeds. Once vacuum-sealed, put your bag inside a dark plastic bag or dark container to protect your seeds from your fridge light.

            Remember, modern fridges are very dry. It’s super important your seeds aren’t directly exposed to these conditions, as the lack of humidity can cause them to use up their nutrient stores just to stay alive.




              I keep My seeds in baggies in the freezer, but, I have had some seeds that kept in baggies in the top of the closet for several years. I think that the main thing is to keep them dry, dark, and cool.
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