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Second Grow, Cooler DWC system, 600w Viparspectra

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    Second Grow, Cooler DWC system, 600w Viparspectra

    Hello all, first of all i want to thank each one of you for helping me to finish my first grow experience in my life. I havent even feed any plants before i joined here and giving life to a seed, understanding its reactions and try to make them better are so sincere feelings i have faced in this process.

    Now i started my second grow yesterday night with nearly same equipments and nutrients, only thing i changed for now is the reservoir. i bought 60lt cooler box and made it DIY DWC reservoir.

    Equipments and Nutrients:
    • 600w Viparspectra LED light (model: v600)
    • 120x60x180 grow tent
    • 60 Lt Cooler reservoir (with 35lt water solution)
    • 75mm netpots x2
    • Rockwool
    • Hydroton
    • Airpump: Eheim 200
    • Airpump: SOBO SB8806
    • Waterpump: SOBO WP1000f
    • JBL Aeras micro 27cm airstone x1, Eheim airstones x2, 15cm diameter airstone x1
    • General Hydroponics Flora trio series
    • Great White Premium Mycorrhizae
    • Sensizym
    • Adwa ad12 pH & Adwa ad31 EC meters

    i've learnt from my mistakes and i want to keep reservoir temperature at 18-20 Celcius cause i've dealt with root problems in my previous grow and i understood that water temperature is vital part of hydro grow and it must be between 18-20 in my opinion. Thats why i wanted to do this grow in cooler reservoir, im not sure whether its gonna be effective enough or not but at least now my reservoir is more durable.


    - I want to buy some nutrients like armor si to make my plants resistant different conditions but there is no armor si near here so is rhino skin equivalent product? and is it good to use those product when plants are seedlings?

    If you can't find the nutrients or whatever you're looking for you can always order from eBay. That's where I usually get what I need, you just have to wait for it to arrive if you can. I like the cooler idea, should keep temps about where you want them. I've never used Armor Si but I had some Hydroguard that worked pretty good. I didn't start using it until my babies had a few leaves and roots but it says you can use it all the way through. I personally would probably save it until you have a few roots at least, no point in wasting nutrients IMO. Hope that helped


      I'm no hydro grower but love to watch the grows. Good luck and I order lots of grow items from ebay.
      Be nice Be humble Smoke Ganja create Peace


        I'd be interested to see if the lights dont cause the cooler to retain heat. I dont know so i m curious as well! I would also, if you havent already, look for a root inoculate (like hydroguard) as i find it VITAL for hydro growing. I never used armor SI. Ever. Never had to. It wont be as effective as hydroguard as it doesnt look like it has the beneficial bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens wqich reeeaaaally helps prevent root rot.


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