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PLEASE help I'm sick of popcorn

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    PLEASE help I'm sick of popcorn

    I acctually grow this for pain medecine and the ability to sleep at all. Unfortunately a couple of years ago I got busted two years running for growing in my garden so I started growing just 2 plants at a time indoors. I have had some good indica smokes but every harvest ( about 6 ) all have tiny popcorn buds and when I look at the pictures of everyone else harvests on Grow weed easy it makes me want to cry..Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong. Thanks

    It would help if you told us what you were using to grow indoors. Lights? Tent size? Ventilation? Nutes? Temp and humidity? Most of the time popcorn and larfy bud comes from not enough light or the light being too far away to produce anything meaningful but can be caused by a multitude of things.


      Thank you for your input. Ive been busted twice outside so I moved my operation inside. I live in a small bungalow with very little hiding places, anyway I know I don't have a perfect set up but as a pensioner1) I've not the money 2) I don't have the safe space to grow it. Anyway hopefully if I give you a few more details maybe you can point me in the direction of where I'm going wrong and every harvest is popcorn. My grow space is 32" by 20" by 72". An led Vipar spectra V450, 2 large smart pots, one small oscillating fan at the bottom and one at the top. Bio-biz growing medium and bio-biz 3 stage feed. I follow the instructions of light height from the Vipar instructions, mainly about 15" above the plant. I know it's not the perfect set up but out of 5 auto harvests everyone has been popcorn, I feel very envious of some of the bud other members grow. I would appreciate any advice and time you can give me. Thanks


        Do you use any training techniques? If you allow better light penitration by defoliation and LST, you should see some fatter buds.


          I agree with sirsmksalot, do you train for an even canopy, manifold, defoliate, lollipop and ensure optimum environment? Also, what bio-biz growing medium are you using? Coco, Light or All mix? How is the drainage in the mix? if using coco do you add a cal-mag supplement as well? I've never used those nutes so i cant comment on them. How is heat/humidity? On the website it says 18 inches at closest. Are you getting light burn?

          Once you dial in the basics of the environment, light, nutrients and canopy training you should start to see the nugs you are looking for.


            The importance in an indoor grow is balance-

            What size are your containers?
            I have found that large pots, more than 5 gallon for auto's- contribute to popcorn buds with lights that draw about 200w from the wall.

            If I grow in a 7 gallon fabric pot - I get the same weight as a 5 gallon but 1/2 of the buds are popcorn!
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              Wowdoo Hi there: You'll get there: we ususally grow popcorn at first. You might want to consider single cola grows: sea-of-green Where you forucs on many fewer colas that get fatter. Of course, the light has to penetrate in order to grow a long phat cola. Hence, you really limit the number of colas so they have light all arund them.
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              Ask for help from an OG (old grower):

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                If you are properly training them already...Give them plenty of access to space, wind, and light. With over crowding, light/wind dead zones... you will get loads of popcorn at best and loads of diseases at worst.
                When each branch is spaced out with its own designated area, the buds get plenty fat. Assuming your light and wind is enough to support.
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                  I've grown in a similar space for 6 years. You can grow some nice dense buds . only thing is you need to go with 5 gallon hydro set up's. you do that and you will see a new world. Promise. Other than that you have to take off the lower branches and bud sites. It's scary to remove that much growth but it is how the top ones get big. Good growing !!
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                    You can get great yields with a viperspectrum 450 in that space. So unless the light is defective it's not your light that's the problem. You have 2 fans in that space so assuming they are halfway decent that's not it. You have not mentioned any issues with the plants so its probably not the way you are watering. That leaves nutrients at the right time. And some training to get light to all the buds. And possibly temp, humidity, or bugs.

                    Sorry that probably doesnt help but I think I ruled one or 2 out. But many here get great yields and nice dense buds from the same light you have. I find that the viperspectrum lines best trait is that it produces awesome snow covered buds.

                    Oh what genetics are you using?
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