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    Pot restrictions?

    So first time grower here, and wondering if you guys have an idea of the correlation between size of pot to size of potential plant growth? I have a couple 3 gal fabric pots, and one 1gal plastic pot. Curious how big I could expect the 1gal plant to get if I let it go another 4-5 weeks.
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    It can depend, can I ask is this the setup you are going to grow the plants out in? Light? Are you flower with the setup pictured?
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    • Greenlivin
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      Hey Mr. Furley, I like that I can always depend on your feedback. So this is the new grow tent. 2’x2’x4’. I plan to flower in this. Not expecting a massive harvest for my first go around. None of them are in flower yet as they’re 6” tall max. Currently have 6 23w CFLs in there. Hoping I don’t need more light due to heat regulating difficulties. I know that’s prob not enough light, but I saw another guys vid of about 14 plants- all 3’+ flowering and he only had about 10 cfl 23w. So hoping my 4 plants can get by on the 6.

    • Mr.furley
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      With that size tent and number of watts you can most definitely keep that plant in that pot, it would be best to have it in a air pot or fabric pot but it will work. You want to be aware that it will most likely need more water/feeds then the bigger pots and could have some issues with roots if you don't keep a eye on it, make sure to put holes in it and cover it with something dark to block out light if you can.

      I personally love CFL grows it was a light bulb(get it) moment for me and cannabis when I had read the article on GWE, just got a soft spots for them
      Good luck and glad to help.

    Yes. Check this out.

    Also, if you veg that 1 gal 4-5 weeks in that pot it will probably get root bound. Unless that is a fabric pot and i just cant see it. The thing is, if you grow in a smaller pot, you're gonna have a smaller plant. Since it is a smaller plant it doesnt need as much time in veg. In plastic and non porus pots when the roots run out of room they wrap around the pot and essentially kills its self. In fabric pots or air pots, the roots are air pruned so they dont wrap around and end up choking its self.
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    • Greenlivin
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      Do you think it’s too early to train the plant pictured?

    • Tersky
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      The plant looks healthy. You could probably do some training. It's a small tent so if it were me it want to train it to control the height. Grow it bushier rather than tall.

    • Greenlivin
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      Editing a comment only concern is I have these other 3 that are about two weeks behind it. So if they all happen to be fems I can’t let them get too bushy in that smaller tent. So I was thinking of snipping the main stem once, and letting them grow naturally from there. Thoughts?

    I use 2 -1.75 gallon pots in my 2x2 Greenlivin. They give plenty of room for roots and will produce two real fine plants that will fill my space. Depending, of course, on strain and training.
    Plant height is your main restriction in a 4' tall tent. Mine is 4'-6" and will handle 24" of vertical growth. I grow the plant out to about 12"x18" to a side and go to flower. Expect the best that your plants will double in height. We won't talk abou the worst. Others'll talk on doing it with the CFL's.
    I tried a 3 gallon pot. I lost height and a lot of horizontal space I could have used with the 1.75 gallons. It was also a pain in the ass to move around.
    Bagseeds are cool because you can veg and flower on your time. 4 weeks, 5, 10? Grow and train the plant until you think it's time to flower.
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      As stated above, it really depends. The way I look at it is that it’s about twice as many gallons of soil as expected Ozs to yield. Example, 1 plant (10 gallon container) I expect to yield 5 Ozs of trophy nugs. More or less depending on a strain’s capability. Just as a general benchmark to consider.
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