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11 finger leaves? Is it true that is the sign of a healthy plant?

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    11 finger leaves? Is it true that is the sign of a healthy plant?

    So my bruce banner plants #3 are about 3 weeks into flowering, 4 since 12/12 flip. They are pretty leafy so i decided to get rid of some of the bigger leaves. While cutting a couple i noticed they had a set of leaves kinda on top of the leaf by the stem. Counted the leaves and noticed i had 11 fingers! It wasnt just a leaf here and say most of the leaves towards the top are 11 fingered! It's also got A LOT of sugar leaves. Ive had a few 9 finger plants but never an 11 finger. I hear this is a sign of a healthy plant, that true? I could have veged her out longer but she's not lookin bad. She has at least another month to go, i know, but i thought that was cool!
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    can't be a bad thing...i found 11 finger leafs on my bubba kush and cookies kush...i was pretty pumped too!


      I hope it is true as well - but my girl is a bit ill at the moment.

      Early Miss with 5 fingers on the bottom then 7 then 9 then 11 as you progress up the plant - and in one pic as well. Click image for larger version

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        That's is an awesome plant!

      Tersky, welcome to the 11 finger club. Mine came off a Black Jack from Nirvana. You are right, it is a sign of a healthy girl. Way to go.
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      • Tersky
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        YAAAY MAAA!!! I DID IT!!! lol I was excited...

      A few years ago, playing with genetics, I had what I thought was an 11 finger leaf, but it was 33! From the top all one could see is 11, but the fingers were 3 deep! Never seen that again,,, just the one plant.


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        Wow! Thats crazy! I think the proper name of that plant is the Cthulhu plant! Distorts reality with its numerous tentacles!

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        Would have loved to see a picture.

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        I will be moving soon and will watch for the old photos,, being the typ that self develops they will be dark if I can find them,,, Polaroid thats it,,, who new they never stop developing,,,,

      Nice training on that lady 💪🤙


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        Thanks! It's kind of a quadline manifold. Or my variation of it.

      Woo-hoo! I was just doing a little trimming and counted a couple 11's and remembered your post. 's gotta be a healthy plant. I don't grow no slacker plants. First I've noticed in my bagseeding.
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