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Any place or website where I can find feminized seeds??

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    Any place or website where I can find feminized seeds??

    Hey guys the outdoor season is upon us and I'd like to get my 4 legal plants started but I don't want to waste my time ending up with a bad product (due to seeds being non legit around my neck of the woods and getting males or low quality flower genetics)

    Was wondering if anyone has a recommended website for feminized seeds that would grow well in Northern Ontario (I start inside and move outside due to our short season) and produce some nice product.

    Thank you very much ! .
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    Check out Seedsman (
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      Seedsman would be my choice as well but others here have found newguy seeds pretty good , there has been alot of talk about shitty seeds lately so I would stay with a company you trust .

      OK so now I have to ask ,I live in Massachusetts so your farther North than me how is it the start of growing season ,I'm putting everything to bed for the year .Inside I start in February if taking clones if just using seed ,I count ten weeks back from last frost. I would love to hear how you do it ,Maybe something I want to try. One thing I've learned on this forum is that there is six ways to get one thing accomplished ,so when I see something new I ask lol
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        I had the same question!

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        My guess is he is talking about greenhouse. End of outdoor season is beginning of second run for most greenhouse grows I have seen.

      I have the same question too?!!


        Crop King Seeds out of Vancouver - True North Seedbank in Ontario but they're just a middle man and therefore no guarantee.

        As for starting now - haven't you guys figured this out?

        He's already stated that he's starting in then out.

        So - must be going for a looooong vegetative period and finishing outside next year.
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          lol! Going for worlds largest cannabis plant maybe

        Check out CSI:Humboldt. Nspecta is one of the best breeders in the game, super fast shipping and great customer service.


          Herbies, new420guy, seedsman, sol seeds, and world of seeds are all reputable. I have had great experiences with them all.
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