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Food-grade alcohol for hash oil

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    Food-grade alcohol for hash oil

    Hi all. I am super excited about making my first yummy gummies. I live in California and wonder if someone could post a picture of which alcohol you use to make yours? We cannot get 190-proof Everclear but I see there is a 120-proof Everclear. If ordering from Amazon, please show link or the product. Also, I have a gas stove. Has anyone evaporated their solvent using double boiler on top of an electric griddle?

    Thanks so much,

    Sandra (from class)

    Hi, Sandra
    I produce my own concentrate using ethanol as the solvent. 120 proof has to much water in it and will allow more of the funky plant materials into your end product. You need to source 190 for best results. There is a user group on FB(extract craft user group) that has a ton of resources.
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      #3 this what I just got I used everclear up until now but at 40 bucks a half gallon it got old,My fiend uses a griddle to evaporate the alcohol
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        I know its costly up front, but one can capture the solvent for reuse with a vacuum setup. Then one would not be wasting the solvent or pushing it off into our environment.. One could also vacuum the solvent from the water,,,,
        What about the state/s next door, might be time for a road trip,,,,


          I use a gas stove to evaporate just be careful about it. Place the water only on the stove bring to a hard boil then place the tincture on. If you need to add more heat take the tincture off move it away and then bring the water to a hard boil, turn off stove and place tinticure back on.


            CaliCondor You are advised NEVER to evaporate alcohol on a gas stove: that's what all the concentrate makers say. You're asking for an explosion. Much better to invest in a machine that removes and recycles the alcohol; there are a few on the market (I have the ExtractCraft Source, but I know there are cheaper ones).

            You can find better than 120 proof ethanol online; whether or not they ship to Cali is another question, but I agree with what was said above: you want to use at least 190 proof for making good quality concentrates.
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