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    HELP! Pale Green Plant

    This picture is of my first grow at about week 7. The plant in the front is indica and the other three are sativa. My concern is that the indica seems pale green. I have struggled through this grow, to say the least, but now the plants all look healthy. I have searched through the site for information and from what I have read, the pale green might be a sign of a nitrogen deficiency, but all 4 plants have been fed the same nutes throughout their grow. Initially it was General Organics Go Box, with which I was having problems, and currently Dyna-Gro 7-9-5, which seems to be working fine. Any suggestions on what might be the problem with that one plant. Also, the 3 sativa seem be growing faster than the indica.

    Thanks for your help!

    No worries, Novice. It's a strain/indica v sativa thing. I have the exact same thing going on. One plant is way bigger than other two of different strain/indica/sativa plants and a warmer green. I also use the GO Box. I've found the chart on the back to be the way to go. It's hard to burn or cause a deficiency if you follow the chart.
    There are no small buds. Only large bowls.
    Purple Hulk Auto
    350 watt Viparspectra
    2'x3'x4.5' dual chamber perpetual harvest tent open wide
    2-3 gallon fabric pots
    2.5-18oz generic brand red plastic cup
    GO GoBox nutes
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    Black Magic soil
    Diatomaceous earth
    Duct tape


      Thanks, Gingerbread.


        you could throw a tsp of Epsom salt in with the next watering that would green her up but I dont think its a problem
        new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
        current grow


          They look pretty healthy to me , the decoloration might be because those bottom leaves are not getting as much light, and the plant doesn't need em anymore.


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