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Heat and hydroponics

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    Heat and hydroponics

    I as alot of ppl grow in hydro I love it won't do it any other way.
    But in all that I have had a problem with heat this summer as I live in a small apartment on the west side of the building at the top my 10000btu ac can hardly keep it under 90 so I gave up trying to cool my apartment and gave a crack at growing In hydro above 90 degrees.
    dwc was a mess I refuse to cool the res it's just to costly to do right. so I decided to try my hand at some aeroponics and this seems to be the ticket.
    I built 2 new aeroponic buckets and went to town so far so good.
    It was 98 deg when I got home today and the plants are beautiful and the roots are amazing.

    So I just wanted to share I hope it helps some 1.

    they are auto flowers lights on 24 7 315 cmh emerald harvest nutes they are in week 4 from seed.
    It's 4:19 u got a minute?

    Howdy abadtrip, I have been using ice bottles in the reservoirs to keep the temperatures below 70° F. I grow in 10 gallon totes (aka Bubbleponics) and use one of the 3.75 inch net pots (minus the bottom) to hold the ice bottle, and to make replacement easier (it is better if one does not have to raise the lid too much, light infiltration and all). This leaves only five net pot locations for seedlings, but works well for me.
    Looking at the posted photos of Your set up, You could place ice bottles into the reservoir to help cool down the water, just be certain to cover it well to prevent any light leaks.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      Wow...gotta say, what you're doing seems counterintuitive. I run DWC as well, and I've always thought aero was the most difficult root zone system to manage WRT temps. I usually avoid growing in the summer because of heat management issues, so if aero works, maybe I'll try it.

      A couple of questions... Are you running the system sterile, or does your feeding program have some beneficials in the mix? Do you have an air stone in the rez, or do you just count on the sprayers for aeration? What's your nutrient concentration at, and are you having any trouble keeping your spray heads clean?

      Edit...two more questions...are you spraying constantly or on a sequence, and how big are your pumps?
      Last edited by HappyDaze; 07-31-2019, 11:31 PM.
      Space 1: 3ft x 3ft T-Tek tent
      400W HPS Mag Ballast
      GH Floro - DWC
      Current grow - Humboldt Fem Green Crck from seed
      - TGA GSC x Space Dude clones

      Space 2: 6ft x 6ft x 8ft room
      IponicZone 400/600/1000W dimmable HPS E-Ballast
      Supplemented with California Lightworks Solar System 275 with spectrum control
      GH Maxi Series-DWC
      Current grow - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream from seed
      - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
      - TGA GSC x Space Dude from reg seed in dirt, G.O. Box nutes


        I use slf100 for my roots and yes I run all the time I use little 90gph pumps. The spray nozzles don't seem to clog. I am going to get bigger pumps to try and atomize the water better bit it works.
        It's 4:19 u got a minute?


        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          Awesome plants and roots!!! Great way to deal with the heat, abt!!!

        • HappyDaze
          HappyDaze commented
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          yeah, your plants look great...but at $150 + a gallon for the additive...I'll have to stick with my sterile set-up and some B vitamins.

        • abadtrip
          abadtrip commented
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          What's 150 a gallon slf100 may be but I only use 20ml a week so a 30 dollar bottle has lasted a long time but it's all what works for u

        Wow my hat's tip to you folks with DWC during summer. Heck my daughter's Koi pond is running right now with garden hose helping cool down the pond. It's 90+ here in Oregon.


          So all good I think these are some of the best plants I have grown I am adding 5 gallons to the res every 3 to 5 days depending on heat. The gold glue is starting to flower.
          It's 4:19 u got a minute?


          • DW2
            DW2 commented
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            Very nice looking plants. And what a root ball!!
            Must be doing something right.

          The roots in the pictures are not suspended in the air. This is more like nutrient film technique.
          Cooling the air is way less efficient than cooling the water is. Costs more to cool the air when considering energy usage during operation.
          Warm water has less ability to hold dissolved oxygen than cool water does. Yes, you may be able to avoid pathogens...this is not a sign that the plant will yield well. The plant needs DO to thrive.
          It’s awesome that you are getting by operating in the heat, but I wouldn’t go suggesting this method to new growers.
          4x4 600w HID empty for summer
          3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
          2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
          running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


            Well We will see in 6 to 8 weeks.
            time makes fools of us all.
            It's 4:19 u got a minute?


            • Toker1
              Toker1 commented
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              Yes, please post the final results. 👍
              Maybe true, but...Time also makes an experienced grower a more experienced grower.

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