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    DUI testing

    I seen this in the news, a test for THC and meth, just lick it and in a minute or so results,,,,
    They say these are going to be used in OK with a 1 year minimum jail time on a positive.
    My question to all y'all that may know about these is,, well everything,, how long after smoking will they show a positive result? Will they show having ingested say a brownie, or a cap filled with oil?

    One of the issues I have with what they said is they do not do this for alcohol, sure they have the test, and you go downtown, but I know many alcoholics that have never done time or even lost their license even after multiple arrests.

    Saliva Drug Swab Test

    Due to the increased number of drivers driving while under the influence of drugs, police officers in Los Angeles are now testing using drug swabs at DUI checkpoints. The test is roughly eight minutes long and uses a person’s saliva to detect THC, crystal meth, methadone, cocaine, and several other prescription medications.

    There are conflicting reports as to the accuracy of these tests. The tests work by detecting trace amounts of drugs in California driver’s saliva, but there can be traces of some drugs in your saliva up to three days after consuming them. This leaves plenty of room for doubt in a court room, as it would be nearly impossible to prove without a shadow of a doubt in a court room that a person was under the influence of Marijuana at the time they were driving solely based on a saliva drug swab.
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    I regularly hear/read about people who have at least a dozen DUIs and are still on the road.

    I'm wary of any of these types of tests. Someone who is microdosing (not impaired) would probably test positive.
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      They are very inaccurate, the police here in Canada decided not to use them as it’s not accurate enough to stand in court.


        Agree with BearsFan. There is no test akin to BAC/Breathalizer that conclusively shows someone has an impairment at the moment it is taken. Any swab/saliva test will not hold up in court and will need to be accompanied by at least an officer observing irregular/unsafe driving and a failed field sobriety test (walking the line).


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          I also have some issues with the field tests; I tried it with an LEO friend for shits and giggles and I failed when stone sober (have some innate balance problems that I can compensate for but of course that's not allowed/taken into account in the test). I have seen some "too stoned to drive?" apps but they rely on the user.

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          Because cannabis effects users differently as far as impairment, using some type of quantitative test is problematic and will result in legal challenges. I agree with rangerjake that if you can't operate your vehicle responsibly, your actions will show that. Judge me by my actions.

        Agreed with above. Test does not show if driver is impaired. Different THC levels do different things to all/any users. The test can only detect presence, not impairment.
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          And as fast as it hit the news poof nothing more, I bet they found they same thing!


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