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    LST gone wrong

    hey fellow growers I decided to try LST on my plants the other day and accidentally snapped stem instead. I know it’s similar situation to supercropping but wasn’t my intention and have never done it. Will she be okay and heal?

    You will be OK. Just don't mess with it for a couple day.​​​​​​​


      If you think the outer "skin" is broken then wrap it in a couple wraps of painters tape and correct it a little. Lol I could show you painters tape on my plant right this very moment and it has about 10 grams on it when its done.


        Were it a better picture you would see I snapped a branch so it was hanging on with one strand of something. Like celery. Totally exposed the inner branch. I put some sports tape on it and I can't tell anything happened within a couple days.

        Edit: It's not sports tape. That would be bad. This is light weight, perforated, cheap first aid kit tape.
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        / \
        3'x3'x6' veg and flowering tent
        2'x3'x4-1/2' tent for somethings else
        HLG 360 Elite QB
        12/12 (5/16/20)
        24/0 (6/20/20)
        1 - bagseed OG 5 gallon fabric (late flower)
        Other seedlings (seedlings)
        Fox Farm Trio nutes
        FF Grow Big foliar spray
        Root Excelurator Gold
        Kellogg Garden Potting soil 60%
        Perlite 40%
        Diatomaceous earth
        Venus flytrap


        • uncledoug
          uncledoug commented
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          Let her be like Mr.furley said, it does look like a super crop so you will be fine.

        • Gingerbeard
          Gingerbeard commented
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          Yes! Mine is not supercropping. Mine is what you call 'an unfortunate accident.' A much more severe wound. You're good.

        • CC420710
          CC420710 commented
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          I understand I've lost one to a break early on

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