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    When doing a preventative neem oil treatment is once a week enough?

    Yes. That's what I do in the Veg stage and have never had a problem. I spray right before lights out or at night for my outdoor lady'z. Cheers!


      If I don't have bugs, I don't spray anything on my plants. Specially that nasty tasting Neem oil.
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        You prevent by sealing the room and keeping the temps and humidity in check. I leave some yellow sticky traps up 24/7 for bug monitoring purposes. You treat bug breaches and infestations with neem oil, Spinosad, insect soap or what ever else you might use. Never continuously use the same product for treatment because bugs can grow tolerances and pass those tolerances down through generations. Never spray your flowers with anything.
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          toker1 is correct prevention is better than responding ,if you need to spray do it in veg and if they come back in bloom I dump a couple of thousand lady bugs and knock the shit out of them , I believe the directions say every 7 to 10 days (If I remember correctly) , if you have pests then take them some where that spraying the entire plant over/under leafs,stems and soil, drench the shit out of them a couple of times and you should be good
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