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Are small dehumidifiers worth it?

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    Are small dehumidifiers worth it?

    My grow cabinet is 5x3x4 and my day time humidity isn’t bad but my night time humidity goes up enough for me to worry about it.... high 80%. And Im looking into small dehumidifiers like this one...

    it only moves 8oz of water in 24 hours... that’s not much but I’m not sure how much I need to remove.

    anybody use one or similar machines. Thanks

    It’s too small.
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      Is there a reason you can't just move more air through your cabinet to dry it out? When my tent gets sweaty, I cycle my exhaust fan more. But it's freakin' dry where I grow, dew point at 8 C / 46 F here tonight.
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      • Schwaggy
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        That was my initial thought but I currently have on exhaust fan. When I designed this cabinet, I was assuming the controller I was buying controlled humidity and temp with one outlet but the two outlets are one temp and one humidity. Design flaw! I really don’t want to put another hole in the cabinet so I’m trying to attack at a different angle.

        Here’s the controller:

      • Schwaggy
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        Can I do this...
        Exhaust fan (humidity controlled) / cabinet wall / exhaust fan ( temp controlled, outside of cabinet) / ducting to carbon filter

        Basically I’ll have two exhaust fan almost butted up. They wouldn’t run at the same time but would it affect air movement for the fans?

      • HappyDaze
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        One fan blowing through another might work, or you could put a wye in with a damper. I use this wye damper as a sort of recycle valve. When it's cold here, I don't need to push much air through my cool tube to maintain a consistent temp, I open the damper a bit to reduce the back pressure in the duct and reduce the flow out.

      I have a 30 pint that did my grow room quite well put I had to empty it twice a day , for 40 bucks Id give it a try ,it does sound to small but hey if it works you save a hundred bucks , I would also do what Happydaze said and run more air though it ,where is your grow cab. located
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        Crappy dehumidifiers will pump out TONS of hot air. Careful when looking for one.
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          I bought one of those last year to save money and it didn't stand up to the test. For me, I'm learning to just spend the money and get it right from the start.


            yea I bought one of those and it wasn't worth a shit.


              I have a 50 pint dehumidifier (after wasting money on the small ones). I put it in the doorway of the grow room so that the hot air blows out into the hall.
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                Thank you all, everyone inputs are appreciated!

                Indecision is my middle name I guess. I’m leaning towards this 11 pint compressor dehumidifier but putting an extra exhaust fan is a close second. This is my first grow in this cabinet so we’ll see how things go.

                The dhumidifer is is more expensive, $160 but Father’s Day is right around the corner.😋


                • alltatup
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                  It says "for Smaller Spaces, Bathroom, Attic, Crawlspace and Closets - for Spaces Up to 216 Sq/Ft"--which seems weird to me, because bathrooms are not 216 sq ft... But it gets good reviews, so good luck with it!

                Originally posted by alltatup View Post
                I have a 50 pint dehumidifier (after wasting money on the small ones). I put it in the doorway of the grow room so that the hot air blows out into the hall.
                The pint size is the amount of work it can do in a given amount of time. For example, the 70 pint model can pull 20 pints more out of the air in a 24 hour period than the 50 pint models.


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