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Did your spliff size change after your first.

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    Regarding Vapes - Some of the more expensive ones do not offer any replacement


      Welp I just bought me a new water bong waiting for delivery.


        I love my pipes. And I collect pipes also. I have 2 new ones made by one of our very own members. But I have about 20 pipes, 2 vapes, papers, and hemp rolls.

        Here is my pride It will hold a whole lot of smoke.
        Click image for larger version

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          Hey that's a beauty of a pipe. We have antler pipes from a friend who makes them. He reams them out real good puts a metal tube for a mouth piece. I bought some real long pipe cleaners from a craft store in town works real good if you drag the pipe cleaner through some 70% alcohol then run it through the mouth piece out the other end. gooey


            Mine definitely have not gotten bigger... still roll about the size if 1/8 - 1/4 a cigarette lol

            Please visit for reviews on grow equipment. It is going slowly as I am trying to find products to review (and supportive companies!) I do giveaways there, do not tell me your from GWE however.


              For flavor I use my dry herb vaporizer the Firefly 2. But I still prefer a pipe. And yes the amount that I use has increased. My bowls on my newer pipes keep getting bigger and bigger.


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