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Curing process

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    Curing process

    If I use Boveda packs can I use larger jars? 1/2 gal instead of quart.

    Humidity packs are not necessarily for curing but for long-term storage. Once you get your humidity stabilized around 60 it doesn't matter what you cure in as long as it's sealed and can be burped.
    but I would recommend that for your first time to use quart jars.
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      I agree, using quart jars initially.
      You purchase the size Boveda for the size container you are going to use!
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        walmart sells flip top canisters from pint to gallon I use these to burp in and I store in glass jars
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          I use 62%-8 gram boveda packs in the gal. ones for storage too OJH, funny that, it seems every 4 or 5 months I need a couple more.
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        For professional use they make storage containers big enough to fit as much as you could ever have. But until you get to where you cant burp all your jars without getting carpal tunnel then they are the easiest.
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