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? about defoliation?

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    COCO COIR ? about defoliation?

    should i be removing the lil bud sites that are struggling for light so the main cola gets most of the energy?

    indoor grow box (soil
    40”h 28”w 28”d is my box
    have a led grow panel 13" with full spectrum and 225 LEDS got 1 plant she’s in the end of week 7 in vegetation “Krippler”
    im doing LST training on my plant
    i have a passive exhaust system with a fan for air flow

    This is what I'm going with this time.

    by Nebula Haze Introduction to Bud-Based Defoliation What is cannabis defoliation, and why/how does removing leaves from a cannabis plant increase yields?
    More elephant!



      I have been quad-lining 3 photos and I have been removing all bud sites that will not get full light, I have been vegging them for 9 weeks, and have many good bud sites and don't want any energy going to non-productive buds.
      Flower Tent: (12/12)
      600W HPS Flowering
      1 x Jack Herer 2 Auto - Potters Gold Soil
      1 x Gelato - Coco
      2 x Strawberry Banana - Coco

      Veg Room: (14/8)
      1500W LED
      1 x Jack Herer 3 Auto - Coco
      3 x Mexican Airlines Auto - Fast Buds - Coco
      1 x G13 - Seed King - Coco
      1 x Gelato (Bonsai Mom) - Clone - Coco
      1 x Bubba Cheese Auto - HBS - Coco

      Veg Tent:
      300W COBB LED

      First Grow Journal and Clone Journal

      Strawberry Banana, Gelato & Jack Herer Auto Grow Journal

      All Auto's Journal

      Gelato Bonsai Mother Project


        remove the low ones. leave more than just top cola though. light penetration is deeper than top cola. sometimes i lolipop leaving top third or half for bud.


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