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Need help finding the right strain.

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    Need help finding the right strain.

    This will be my first real grow. I have been messing with a low grade small plant someone gave me. I have been working on making it into a spiral and getting familiar with lst and no feel confident about spending a bit on some really good seeds. I have a bit of gardening experience, but prefer to go with an auto for this one. I will be keeping it fairly small if that matters. I have been under the assumption I could take a typically taller plant and grow it shorter and the quality can remain high, but perhaps a lower yield which is fine. It's all personal use anyway so it doesn't matter that much. Is this possible or do I need to focus on a shorter plant?

    It needs to have little to no smell for 1 small - medium plant. Making my room smell and perhaps nearby a bit is totally fine, but it can't have that make the whole house linger smell to where everyone who visits knows I have a plant here. Don't plan on using any type of grow box, just a room or closet perhaps. I was thinking keeping it smaller with just 1 plant would limit the smell a bit, but not sure if this is accurate.

    I wanted something with decent cbd content to help with overall pain, but not sure of the best way to do this. I think typically during a normal day something like auto blue mystic or northern lights cbd would be ideal as I don't want a super intense high while working, but still want cbd benefits. I will be also kicking off from 3 years of subutex and not sure if northern lights cbd auto or even a blue mystic auto would be strong enough to help alleviate intense opiate withdrawals. Is any medium - high cbd strain going to pack enough punch with the thc to be able to knock you out thru withdrawals? If not then I get the only option will be two different strains.

    If I search for strains to help with opiate withdrawal I see strains that look great, but none of them are on the same list as the "low odor" strains. Auto Girl Scout Cookies looks nice and it's one of the few I see mentioned to help with withdrawals that is closer to 50/50 vs mostly or all indica. It also comes from Durban Poison so perhaps it doesn't have the strongest odor? Not wild about getting super tired other than during the few days of withdrawals, but after that I will need something that won't drain me.

    Norther Lights Auto CBD looks like it could be a solid option, but I hear mixed things about the odor despite it showing up on almost every low odor list. Auto Duck is very appealing as a low odor hybrid that doesn't grow very tall. I hear great things about Auto Jack Herer and then I found Auto Jack Herer CBD which I have found reports of people using for withdrawals and everyday, it looks great, but does this version also a low odor strain? I only see that last one at a place I literally just noticed for the first time called Are they a legit company? I can only find some mixed reports and not a ton of info.

    Sorry this is so long, was trying to keep it short. Any recommendations would be great and thanks.

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    Welcome to the GWE forum M ! Attached is a site you might find what you are looking for. Hope it helps ! Look up strains / review. Afgani looks good. Good Growing !!


      Originally posted by Colombo View Post
      Welcome to the GWE forum M ! Attached is a site you might find what you are looking for. Hope it helps ! Look up strains / review. Afgani looks good. Good Growing !!
      thanks, Afgani does look nice and as I do more research I see it as a parent for other strains I like.


        Good luck with getting off the big pharma crap!, it aint easy!
        For the smell look into scrubbers, a carbon filter to clean the air
        I would definitely go with at least 2 strains, 1 for day time and one for night time. between the GF and I we have 12 strains going, frim there we will chose what we want to grow again, and pick another strain or 2 to try


          i think you should look into strain that make you feel happy, feelings of ease and well-being. me personally love grand daddy purple for that reason. medicinal strains are breed with more than potency or thc to cbd ratio in mind, its about how it makes you feel. the best of lucks to you my friend


            Well from personal experience you wont be going to work for at least 10 days while in withdrawal so being tired wont be bad. You wont sleep at all wothout help for at least 6 or 7 days so maybe like Northern Lights Gorrilla Glue or Girl Scout Cookies would be best. Or just go with the all around strain blue dream. It is very popular.

            As far as smell even low odor strains are hard to hide.

            Good luck getting off that crap but it is possible. And Cannabis will help you alot to do that, it did many here.

            Here is something you havent thought about though. After the "withdrawal" its the lack of motivation, or pleasure in anything for months is what catches most people. Something like ak47 will help with that. But it is very very aromatic. Nirvana has an auto ak48 which is supposed to be low odor but ive never tried it.
            You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


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              Yeah, it is going to suck for a while. At least I can take off paid with work for a while. Thinking I will take 10-12 days off and then work 2-3 days a week for the next 3-4 weeks. I have not heard of Blue Dream before, but it looks really nice. I am very excited to try Tangerine Dream, not that heavy of a high, uplifting and a bit of cbd. I wanted to get Nitro Lemon Haze, a friend of mine actually suggested it as well, but it wasn't available where I ordered from. It looks like Tangerine Dream might be a good option instead, but just a little less potent.

              I guess I could always mix them together to change this up a bit. Let's say TD is great, but I feel like it needs a little bit more of a THC kick and so I just sprinkle something more potent in with the TD when I roll one up. I haven't tried this, but it seems like it would work fine. I think having some less potent stuff will be nice, because I really like to smoke cone spliffs. Lived in Europe for a while and it's really the only way to smoke with paper, but they are very big. Even if I use narrow papers like smoking black, it still comes out fairly big. I prefer the feeling of smoking something slower and then you just kind of know when your good. You kind of forget you were smoking and everything slows down some and that's the sweet spot. I'm not as wild about smoking very powerful stuff this way because it's just so much, but it will be nice having something to cut it with a bit.

            Just so you know I used Nitro Lemon Haze during the day during withdrawal and it made it almost like i was ok. But it is a photo only plant. I could even eat during what would normally be the worst part of withdrawal. At night I used Aurora Indica as it is very relaxing.

            This is a good place to ask though as there are many many of us here who have been where you are.
            You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


              Wishing you the best of luck getting off those pills. Like most have posted there's so many strains out there I've found a few I love but am growing different strains all the time just to keep it fun. Hope all works out for ya good luck and happy growing


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                Thanks, can't wait to get that crap out of my system. Cannabis works so much better for pain, only if the docs would have prescribed this instead years ago. Only problem is they won't make as much money if we aren't addicted to cannabis.

              I spent a lot of time researching as well when I ordered my 1st seeds. I got Gelato for myself and my (now Ex) girlfriend I choose Strawberry Banana to help her with Anxiety and Migraines and get her of the 20 or 30 meds she took. But guess that does not matter now it is all for me! It took a lot of reading and just when I thought I choose something else looked interesting, so now I am just going to grow auto's and order 5 seeds at a time, grow them out and then get more and every 9 weeks or so I will have a new stain.
              Flower Tent: (12/12)
              600W HPS Flowering
              1 x Jack Herer 2 Auto - Potters Gold Soil
              1 x Gelato - Coco
              2 x Strawberry Banana - Coco

              Veg Room: (14/8)
              1500W LED
              1 x Jack Herer 3 Auto - Coco
              3 x Mexican Airlines Auto - Fast Buds - Coco
              1 x G13 - Seed King - Coco
              1 x Gelato (Bonsai Mom) - Clone - Coco
              1 x Bubba Cheese Auto - HBS - Coco

              Veg Tent:
              300W COBB LED

              First Grow Journal and Clone Journal

              Strawberry Banana, Gelato & Jack Herer Auto Grow Journal

              All Auto's Journal

              Gelato Bonsai Mother Project


                "Norther Lights Auto CBD looks like it could be a solid option" This is exactly what I was going to recommend before I got to this sentence in your post. Order from the best.


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                  Went with this on one of them, looks very nice. thanks. Might go with Nirvana next time, but they didn't have a wide enough variety for what I need on this first order.

                I did a lot of research for my first grow and biggest problem was finding local place to order from. Not sure where you are located but if in Canada I have had good luck with True North Seed Bank and they have a pre 420 sale on now.


                  Thanks for all the info and support, very helpful. Super busy this last week, but I was able to place an order and have a couple germinating now. I filled my cart a few times from various places and then after finding good, but mixed reviews, I emptied it. Ended up going with sensible seeds and very impressed with the overall experience. Great service, they were even out of one and gave me an extra credit towards a replacement. Super fast shipping as well, it arrived in about 6 days.

                  Once I saw how much stealth shipping can cost, I ended up going with more seeds than planned just to make it efficient. For CBD I went with Auto Jack Herer CBD (SuperCBD), Tangerine Dream Auto (Barneys) & Northern Lights CBD. Then Girl Scout Cookie Auto (Fastbuds) which seems like a really great one to help with withdrawals. I wanted the platinum cookies, but it wasn't auto and I wanted something a little easier for this first run at it. I see platinum pop up on a couple "strains for opiate w/d list", but the base is the same and I think it should work fine. I couldn't resist picking up a few Auto Duck (Dutch Passion), they are just too interesting to not try. All feminized of course

                  Tried to stick with a lot of options I can grow indoors without stinking up the entire house or even toss outside and have it blend in which is the duck. I think Tangering, Jack & Northern shouldn't smell too much, but not sure about GSC. I would guess that it doesn't smell that strong when you look at it's parents. I can't find much on how strong OG Kush is, but Durban Poison I read is one of the best low odor strains. I would have bought Durban Poison, but it was only available for 7 at a time.

                  Now I just have to figure a bunch of other stuff out while these germinate. I was planning to keep them smaller in only a 2-3 gallon fabric pot and do two at a time. My light is only a 40w sansi full spectrum (equal to 350w). I wouldn't mind buying another light in the under 50$ range, but I really don't want to invest anymore at the moment. My thinking is that if I keep them smaller I can do 2 at once, but would it be better to just do 1 in a 3-5 gallon instead with this light? I really don't care much about getting the largest most efficient yields this time. I want to focus on stress training, shaping and top quality right now. If I only get 1 oz vs 3 it's fine as long as I keep the quality high. Is this even possible to do? Can you keep the quality maxed out while the plant is small? It's all for personal use which is why I don't care about getting the most weight. I will probably give some to a friend or two at a good price just to make some of the cost back of the seeds / equipment, but the goal is not making money, it's saving this so I can use it.

                  Oh, forgot to mention the others in the order. These are less important and just added them to make more efficient use of 40$ shipping cost (super stealth w/ guarantee). Amnesia VIP (fem), Landysh (fem) & VIP Dwarf Auto all from VIP Seeds. Also 5 free feminized Lavender which seems like a pretty good strain.

                  Here is my light if anyone has thoughts on it. I'm pretty sure this light is at least good enough for 1 small - medium size plant. From what I read it's a killer light, but not sure if it's enough by itself. I have also used it with my germination station for amazing results.


                  Thinking of maybe buying this to pair with this, but not sure what is best.

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                    How big is your grow space ? (room /tent) Get a cheep bathroom dbl fixture and use 2 sensi led's side by side. If your handy you can make one. Plenty light for a small grow, 2 plants LST small grow space.

                  Im not sure if that will be enough light. But can always add in cfls if you dont want to spend more atm. But if you can round up $120 while in veg a 450watt viperspectrum will give you plenty for 2 to 3 smaller plants.

                  My fast buds girl scout cookies are short and compact so are perfect for smaller places. It is very strong scented but its mostly a very flowery smell. But I can imagine it could be stronger than you want if you are trying to be very descret.
                  You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


                    Originally posted by Spidermite View Post
                    Im not sure if that will be enough light. But can always add in cfls if you dont want to spend more atm. But if you can round up $120 while in veg a 450watt viperspectrum will give you plenty for 2 to 3 smaller plants.

                    My fast buds girl scout cookies are short and compact so are perfect for smaller places. It is very strong scented but its mostly a very flowery smell. But I can imagine it could be stronger than you want if you are trying to be very descret.
                    Awesome, I have the fastbuds auto GSC and want to grow it soon, but some seeds got mixed with shipping.

                    Ended up making a post about the lights and some spectrum questions. Quickly found out the light I have won't cut it. I wanted to try anyway and see, but if everyone says it's not enough I would be a fool to waste my time trying right now.

                    These forums are really great, much better than reddit. I was able to get a lot of helpful info and made a purchase. A hanging panel just is not ideal for right now, but then I saw someone mention auto cob led

                    Happened to run across videos of the Optic 1 and 1XL 54 / 100w cree cob led and decided to get the Optic 1 54w 3500k. I watched a few harvest videos getting between 2 to 3 oz using the 54w Optic 1. They say up to 2g per watt and in many of the harvest videos they get between 1.5 and 1.8g per w. 154$ including free 3 day shipping, the 120 degree lens, everything to mount and 10 year warranty.

                    Excited to try this thing out. 2 auto ducks and 1 lavender sprouted up in 36 hours and a good 3 inch root on one. Messed up and didn't label so hopefully I can spot the duck leaves early. A but nervous and cutting the plant to shape it, but a friend of mine said it's super easy. Just pinch and bend it after 3 sets of leaves and it will snap.

                    *edit* One really helpful thing they did with the optic was use more than 1 on a single plant and show the difference. They had a single 54w, single 100w and then two 100w (each on their own plant) created this massive short thick bush that harvested 12.8oz of 14 max. This definitely helped me not worry about this light not fitting in later with something else.
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                      Welcome to GWE Mmm you picked a good light sounds like,others here use cree cob it will be the next light for me when my 4yr old LEDs x2 450vipraspectors die. What size tent do you have? I have a 3x3x60 something. Those duck foots are real interesting strain seen em never grew them. Your gonna love growing take your time and read this site ask questions lots of good people here to help. I'm rather new to talking online, but i'm a reading fool. Gardening can be very healing mentally, good luck and happy growing.
                      Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

                      Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
                      indoor/outdoor grower
                      1 36"x36"x66" tent- Viparspectra P2500
                      1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 2 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
                      I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
                      Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
                      Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
                      Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


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                        Thanks.. I definitely want to breed with one of these ducks and make some funky looking plants. Using a spare bathroom right now, it can exhaust directly outside perfectly and shouldn't linger into the house too much because of it's location. Working on building an area that can exhaust out of the backside of a chimney. Could toss a grow box there, but it doesn't seem too hard to make 2 walls with 1 entrance. Because of location it doesn't have to fully seal off for exhaust, getting at least 60% would be fine.

                        Gardening definitely helps mentally, you are right about that. Started a couple years ago growing a wide variety of things you don't see at the store and it is very relaxing. Have sunrise and dwarf papaya, blueberries, blackberry, Hawaiian corn, tiger nuts, various herbs and this season started various rare peppers, cherimoya and bannana carob. Only if you could cross some of this stuff with cannabis!

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