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Cloning an auto for seeds!

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    Cloning an auto for seeds!

    Autoflower- *SweetNurse CBD*- by Sweet Seeds- planted Jan 14 - above ground Jan18 - in flower @ Feb 8th.
    On Feb 6th-I cloned her for the expressed reason to try and stress one small bud, to create seeds and then see if they would be viable/stable.

    Click image for larger version

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    It took forever to get the clones to root, but she is developing well.
    After taking the cutting - I placed in a peat pod and left it in a aeroponic cloner (DIY).

    Once rooted , into a 1 gallon nursery pot of Roots Organic Original and feed her the same as her donor.

    I have absolutely no idea if this is going to work, but had the time and room to play around with it.

    Has anyone tried this before?
    What would be the best way to stress her to seed, if all goes well?

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    Grow her out past her harvest date... and wait until she seeds up. Don’t chop her down until she produces some seeds. I don’t think the genetics will be anywhere near stable, but cheers to having fun with it.
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      Great start! Stress her by having the light too close. Have fun.
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        I have a headbanger clone going for seed, I used CS to do the deed (bud, pot, soil all get tossed only the seeds kept). It took 2 weeks to get it to root and show growth, (then sprayed once per day for 14 days) once the male flowers popped I cut about 2/3s of the top off to do others with. I am trying GA3 (a natural hormone) for the next clone and air injectors for the one after that. I have read aspirin will work (green willow tips for organic) as well as many other things.
        At a local shop they sell a spray to do hermies with, but cant tell me what it is and I wont buy it!
        I now have seeds going Headbanger x headbanger, Headbanger x white moscow, headbanger x Himalaya blue diesel and headbanger x snowryder. And I know a few pollen got away and may have headbanger x white widow. It will be fun to watch these grow out, I am expecting ripe seed in 7 days!
        I have had some that failed to grow roots even with cloning gel, so I picked up a psycloner to try,,,
        For me breeding is part of the fun of growing!


          Here's a pic, would nit let me add it to the post,,,


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