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What's wrong with my young plants

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    HELP! What's wrong with my young plants

    Good morning all, can anyone tell me what is wrong with these babies? Theyr 18 days old. Need to transplant soon. I don't know what's on the leaves. I mist with distilled water and had a mini fan on them all. Fir 5 days. This happened over night. Thank you .

    It's time to check your pH- the circled leaves are classic pH issues with secondary Mag deficiency just starting on upper leaves.
    Once corrected, the old leaves will not repair, but the Mag effected leaves will.
    Transplanting soon, will likely fix everything.
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      Thank you Green Thumb. Can I ask why it would do this so young? My soil has PH balance, but I did add a small amount wood ash/ coffee grounds. Could that throw PH off like that?


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        The pH changes for many reasons at anytime during a grow- water/nutrient pH and yes adding anything can disrupt that.

      Thanks again so much.


        Are you using distilled water?


          I agree with Weed Pharma. Minor problem should be fine after transplant. Use regular tap water or supplement your nutes with Cali Magic byGeneral Hydropnics or similar products.
          Egg shells like my granny used can help too.


            they are spider mite eggs and or their bites on your leaves
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              look for a live mite, use a jewelers loop, they will eat your shit up. look at the white dots closely. they have great info on this site . look up plant problems.
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                i got some from my Happy Frog organic soil , its a cluster fuck to get rid of. i eventually did, but its not fun. might not be , but look closely at your leaves


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                  the more i look at your first pick without the things you have circled , you have white specks on many of your leaves. if they are there , get a hold of that before your plants flower..Neem Oil works.

                i had the same problem.when i started transplanting them realized roots are so crowded on the bottom of pot so they would drown.just transplant them and add less water.dont forget about perlite its awesome
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                  Spider Mites! Yikes!!!
                  Try this: Alcohol spray for spider mites
                  Do you know how you got them? You have to answer that question so you don't get them again.
                  Where are your plants located? Are they near where you walk past them when Coming indoors?
                  Did you go hiking or other outdoor activities yesterday then come home and check your plants?
                  One time, got Spider Mites from going hiking in the woods and coming home and not changing clothes right away and just walking past the closet my plants were in.


                    I don't think its spider mites
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                      Looks simular to spider mite eggs but with spots that wide spread you would be seeing signs of webbing to literually just like spiders and the perfect way to check is with a pocket microscope or usb microscope. You'll be able to see them good this way but I don't think this is your problem. pH problem is most likely what your having so transplant and keep a good check on that pH, in and out and you should be good to go.


                        Mine were doing the same in a cup at around 12-14 days, transplant fixed it all up and now they are thriving!


                          Root bound will do that to plants. Transplant like BearsFan said IMHO. Putting some perlite or lava or other rock in bottom of new pot to help with drainage has worked well for me.
                          Agree too with Trimmings426 that you should see eggs and webbing with mites.


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                            you actually don't see any webbing unless its a really really bad case!!! his plants are too young for it to be that serious. I'd lay odds it's mites!! the marks on the leaves are bite marks. the eggs are almost impossible to see, even with a jewelers loop. i've had them and know exactly what to look for. ya got some mites dude!!

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