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    Final flush

    I have a gorilla glue #4 plant getting close to harvest time she's 2 days from week 7, and looks like she's got about 2 weeks to go. I'm using Green Planet dual fuel, and the feed program says to use 2 of the micronutrients (rezin and liquid weight) during the final flush. Rezin is different acids, liquid weight is carbs. I usually flush for 2 weeks with straight water. So will those micronutrients increase my yeild? Will it affect my smoke after harvest?
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    Nope. I stopped “flushing” years ago. Did a side by side comparison one grow and found no benefit to dumping all that water.
    I do remove nitrogen several weeks before harvest. This last harvest I actually fed them everything besides nitrogen 4 days before the chop. It was a new strain that I thought would go longer than it did. No excessive watering after. Still smokes just as good (if not better) than when I was flushing other strains.
    as for yield, you are in the last two weeks... it takes time for the micro to do its thing. I don’t think there is much of a benefit there in terms of yield.
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      Yes, exactly. I follow the fox farm feed schedule found online. The vegetative “grow” formula (nitrogen rich) gets removed at least 2 weeks prior to harvest.

    • JerryMawuana
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      I'm definitely going to give this a try with this plant. Thank you for giving me the info I needed to make my decision.

    • Toker1
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      No prob. 👍

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