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Starting these strains.

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    Starting these strains.

    crispilicious and i are starting our next grow using all fem autos from new420guy.
    Heres what we have soaking ,although a few seeds were kinda split open and lookin rough, so it may change if some dont germ for us. (We have other auto fems from paul on standby in case)

    Also were doing 5 in soil... and 1 in coco coir just to see if we can do it correctly.

    1 Himalayan blue diesel - coco
    1 Himalayan blue diesel- soil
    1 Magnesia - soil
    1 Sweet Amnesia - soil
    1 Skunk Haze - soil
    1 Northern Lights - soil

    If anyone has grown these strains and has any info or tips please lmk. We are much obliged!
    Fabric pots 3gal
    Soil mix-ffof 40% happy frog 30% perlite 30%
    Nutes- Molasses,cal mag,Megacrop, koolbloom,
    Lights. 1000w MH veg / 1000w Hps flower
    12ft × 12ft grow room
    Beans are from new420guy & MSNL
    Ph pen ... Ec pen... Lux meter... Usb microscope for checking ripeness.

    So excited for this grow. I hope we have a good learning experience growing in Coco.
    3 gal. fabric pots
    1000 w mh- hps
    molasis koolbloom calmag megacrop
    40 % ffof 30% happyfrog 30%perlite
    seeds from new420guy and msnl
    ph pen- ec pen- lux meter- usb microscope for checkin trichs 12ftx12ft grow room


    • Mud
      Mud commented
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      New metal halide bulb from eye hortilux is gonna bulk them babies up faster than 2 shakes of lambs tail.

    Good morning I'll be tagging along during your grow, I think you will like coco ,I do. What watering method will you be using?
    Born August 1956.

    Coco-Coir/Perlite Mix
    Mega Crop Nutrients, Bud Explosion.
    36"x36"x73" Grow Tent
    4 bulb T5's for Veg.
    2 VipraSpectra 450 LED for flowering
    IPower 4" Exhaust and Scrubber
    3 Gallon fabric pots.


    • Mud
      Mud commented
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      Since im gonna be home for few months ,recovering from surgery gonna try hand watering it. In a 5gal fabric pot.

    • Mud
      Mud commented
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      And ty for tagging in. If you don't mind i may have a few questions along the way... we followed nebulas tutorial on doing the cal mag buffer washing and soak. Now were waiting for more seeds to break. We got 3 out of 7 overnight. Hope more open taproots by tmrow.

    • uncledoug
      uncledoug commented
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      Hey Mud, You can't go wrong using Nebulas tutorials, so you buffered your coco that's good, she has a good tutorial on how to water your plants in coco. I water mine once a day to runoff, if my pots are still heavy the next day I'll water every other day to runoff, but that is usually only in early veg, once they get bigger the water goes fast. Feel free to ask away.

    Hi, I am using Coco Coir for the first time in my 2nd grow. I have some clones that a friend brought me and 2 that I took off my flowering plants that are about 85 days old. I don't think any of them are going to make it the 8 clones that I was give got exposed to -19 temps when he brought them during the polar vortex. They are all in Coco right now. I also bought some 3" Coco pots to start them in. After I mixed the Coco I PH'd 2 Gallons of water and added Cal Mag and pored it all and let it run through the Coco and paralite. I added 4 quarts of paralite to each.

    Good Luck and I will follow this thread.


    • Mud
      Mud commented
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      Thanks ! Hopefully they pull thru. Im in Pennsylvania and it was really cold here too.

    • PhantomSulker
      PhantomSulker commented
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      I do too, the buds on my buddy's plants look amazing, so I am really trying to get his clones to go. Last night i put all but 3 in 1 Gal Fabric pots, I ran out of mixed coco. I made up 2 more bricks and letting them sit for a day, I will plant the other 3 tonight. I used all the tutorials I could find and I Red the Nebulas one as well.

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