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Trichrome Photos (First Use of Microscope) - Cloudy or Glass?

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    HELP! Trichrome Photos (First Use of Microscope) - Cloudy or Glass?

    Just got my digital microscope and tried some photos. This is my 3rd grow and usually I use the pistil method and wanted to try this. The first two are of a Nebula plant with pistils maybe 30% amber. The 2nd two are of a Jack Mist with pistils that are barely starting to turn amber (seems right, it should be two to three weeks behind the other). I am having a hard time distinguishing cloudy from glassy, and what is a reflection of the LED lights.

    If I had to guess, the Nebula (first two photos), seem almost 60-70% cloudy. The Jack Mist, seems maybe 10-20% by comparison. Any trained eyes out there care to weigh in? I am looking to harvest early for a head buzz.
    Nebula Nebula Jack Mist Jack Mist
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    2 x 4 x 5 grow tent
    4" inline fan w/ carbon filter (passive air intake)
    Fan in tent for airflow
    2 x 450W Vipaspectra LED
    Fox Farm Ocean Soil
    Advanced Nutrients (3 'core' plus Big Bud, B-52, Overdrive)

    Current Grow (Outside):
    1x Nirvana Wonder Woman Fem
    1x Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem

    Glassy = clear and cloudy = opaque.
    4x4 600w HID (empty for the summer)
    3x3 400w HID with 4 skywalker kush (new strain for me)
    2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
    running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


    • WizardsNThings
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      I understand that part, I am just trying to figure out if I what I think I am seeing is correct. Never looked at them this close before!

    • Toker1
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      I see some cloudy and some 1/2 cloudy. Give a week or 2 and they will all be cloudy.

    I agree with your observations
    600W MH
    2x innova 19w full spec led
    175cfm fan, can 33 filter
    8gal DIY reservoir/ hydro system


    • WizardsNThings
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      Guess I better flush quick then

    I look for the same type of head buzz, if they were mine, I would start the flush.
    800 Flower. 600 Veg LED
    From Seed 09/02/18
    Future Harvest for current grow
    Current Journal


    The wait to get to this point was frothed with days of looking, pruning, smelling, feeding and every other action you took to get here. The last 2 weeks are the worst...are’nt they? Worth the agony so hang in there


      Yep, when my girls reach this stage of maturity I start flushing and plan on chopping in a week or two.
      5x5 grow space
      800w of Vero's and F-strips
      4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


        Comparison of the states of trichomes I found a while back...

        Hope this helps.
        Lighthouse LITE growtent 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m
        PLANTiT DWC Aeros IV -> 4 buckets + main tank [75L total volume]
        Budmaster G.O.D-4 LED light (their recommended replacement for 400w HPS)
        RAM air blower with carbon filter
        Hydor Pico 600.115 600L/hr water pump
        2x Marina 200 Air Pump (2X110 L/hr) to 2 air stones each
        Hydrogarden ESSENTIALS pH Meter
        HM Digital (NaCl calibrated) TDS meter


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