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TO B(oveda)- or NOT TO B(oveda): That is the question!

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  • Weed Pharma
    commented on 's reply
    Yeah, when you are doing air exchanges- I think Boveda keeps it fresh.

  • Potted
    I also try and time my runs to coincide with me running out of weed, usually about 5 or 6 months. šŸ¤ždepends on my intakešŸ˜.
    I also use humidity packs but only after drying for 4-5 days in paper bags, place in jars and burb daily for at least 2 weeks and
    after that I burp twice a week. Till I run out!
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  • Mr.furley
    I tend to lead on hydrometers more then humidity packs.

    I dont use humidity packs as long as my jar stabilize in the 60's the first week or two and stay above 60%.
    If the buds are over dry (it happens) say 49% stable I will use them to store until I can use them up, Most my harvest is gone in 6 months.

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  • starramus
    Don't want to risk over drying so always use the Bovedas. After all of that work why chance it?

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  • alltatup
    I'm also re-thinking how I use the Bovedas. I'm sticking with hygrometers in the jars, and no Bovedas; of course, I'm still curing. So if the buds don't start getting overly-dried and crumbly, I won't worry about putting a Boveda in. I think it does affect the aroma.

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  • TO B(oveda)- or NOT TO B(oveda): That is the question!

    In reviewing my long term storage process (> 6 months), I am finding each company claims greatness and often contradict each other:

    IE: Boveda claims increased preservation of terpenes for product stored using their packets,
    Yet Curidor (cooler/humidor) shows that Boveda decreases terpenes after 3 months and significantly at 6 months. (compared to Curidor).

    That said, neither company identifies if it's the mono terpenes (which we smell and volatile @ 70f) or the remaining terpenes with a much higher volatile temperature. <- I don't know about terpenes, just regurgitating what I've read or viewed.

    My long term storage area runs a constant 68f-70f for most of the year and I have never worried about it.

    This has led me to adjust my Boveda usage to the following:

    Add Boveda after the first week of burping, then remove one month later.
    Long Term Storage, under good conditions (few jar openings) used hygrometer- No Boveda.
    When I start consuming product from the jars (opening it every few days)- remove hygrometer and Boveda back in, to stablize humdity from air exchange.

    How do you Boveda?
    Or not?

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