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    HELP! Can not upload photos

    NebulaHaze , I have run into a problem, the photos (.jpg) will not upload (no image visible) when I tried to post a topic. I have posted photos before, but this time it is not coming thru. Any suggestions?
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    Same here. Tried all 3 ways.


      Me too, and I am a IT guy by trade and can't find anything is there a moderator watching the board maybe they can help.
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      1 x Gelato - Coco
      2 x Strawberry Banana - Coco

      Veg Room: (14/8)
      1500W LED
      1 x Jack Herer 3 Auto - Coco
      3 x Mexican Airlines Auto - Fast Buds - Coco
      1 x G13 - Seed King - Coco
      1 x Gelato (Bonsai Mom) - Clone - Coco
      1 x Bubba Cheese Auto - HBS - Coco

      Veg Tent:
      300W COBB LED

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        I uploaded mine to imgur and then copy/pasted the link. They don't show up in the body of the post that way but the photos are then available for reference if you need specific advice.


        • OkieSmokey
          OkieSmokey commented
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          Yea I put my pics on imgur and posted link for now, not sure how to get thumbnails on post through with that

        • DW2
          DW2 commented
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          Maybe I'm super paranoid, but I do not know whether or not the personal and location data imbedded in the photo (even the type and model of camera!) is 'scrubbed' from the posted photo. Nebula had told me some time ago that when a photo is uploaded to the forum, that the 'personal' data is removed in the process. I have tried to remove the data myself, but have not had ant success in doing so (Big Brother IS watching!!).

        • OkieSmokey
          OkieSmokey commented
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          Personally not much worry for me as I'm legal but you can find several programs to scrub meta data, windows can mostly do it too

        Same issues here. Tried to upload a few ways. Not sure what's wrong


          Same here. Tried 4 times.
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          (2) 6" Carbon filter and fans
          House of hydro foggers both veg and 12/12 rooms.
          8' x 10' Veg room (18/6)
          9 x 12' Flowering room (12/12 room)


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