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Running photos and autos in the same tent?

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    Running photos and autos in the same tent?

    Heya all. I searched through the forums and while I'm sure this has been discussed before I couldn't find it (likely my failure at finding the right search string.)

    Anyway, I am considering running a tent with both photos and autos in it. The autos are about 3 weeks ahead of the photos. So I should be able to get the autos to harvest about the time that the photos are ready to flip. I may end up having to veg the photos a bit longer than usual, but that would just give me a week or two more to take clones.

    Is it OK to run the photos on a 20/4 schedule? That's what the autos are running on, and I assume it will be acceptable for the photos in veg but I've always run photos at 18/6... Probably a stupid question but if there's some reason I can't do this I thought I'd better ask the pros.

    You can run 24/0 to veg. 20/4 is ok too. They wil veg just fine while the autos flower.
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    • PRIMO
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      You might want to give the autos a bit more of a head start,unless you've got a plan to keep the photos in check on the stretch.

    • Toker1
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      You can set the autos directly under the lights, then surround the autos with the photos. When the autos finish remove them and bring the photos into the center so they become the ones receiving direct lighting. That’s how I would do it.

    • Serapium
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      PRIMO that's exactly what I've done. The autos are a good three weeks ahead of the photos, so I *think* that I have timed it right for the autos to be finishing when the photos are ready for flip. Toker1 that was my plan as well. Let the autos finish in the center of each light while the photos are vegging around the perimeter at lower ppfd, then when the autos are done and the photos flip to 12/12 they'll be moved into the higher ppfd positions. I'll probably start another round of autos a few weeks into the photo flip so that I can repeat the process again.

    Photo's are fine in 20/4 light schedule.

    I initially grew auto's to fill in any empty spots in a photo grow.
    While 12/12 is not optimal for auto's in flowering,it was EXTRA bud- not wasting the light.

    Auto's have come so far, that I rarely grow photo's anymore- mostly for strains not available or to veg photos during the summer and not deal with heat issues in flower.
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    • Serapium
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      @ Weed Pharma this is my first time experimenting with autos, so I don't have any frame of reference in terms of being able to gauge improvement in genetics over time. I will say that the ones I have in process now seem to be on track to be heavy producers. I'm curious to see the end result from running some photos and some autos in a commercial cultivation environment. It may be that the improvement in autos that you reference makes autos a more commercially viable product than photos. Depends on whether the math works out where extra electricity is concerned vs final yields.

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