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Did you harvest your first one too early?

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    Did you harvest your first one too early?

    Yes, of course (:

    No one started like a pro. Opened this for fun. Remember my first one, I have lost so much of buds because I was so impatient. I’m still not the most patient gamer in the game
    my autos are playing up, they never want to finish. Yesterday I had to take a branch just to help myself a bit.
    Few days left for the rest.


    • alltatup
      alltatup commented
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      That's a lovely bud. That impatience at the very end of the grow is quite hard to control--for me.

    Haha fun poll. My first couple of years I didn’t even knew what the right time to harvest was. I was growing outdoor like any other plant didn’t check anything or do anything. But I did harvested early several plants once I knew better and was more into growing. Patience is the main lesson behind growing
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      Like many premature events in life, a little practice and experience makes it easier to control


        My very first plant I harvested way too early. However, I had my reasons lol.

        It was severely stunted because I got root rot several times. I finally switched to coco, but I had 5 plants in a 3*3, and it was just too many.

        Ended up yielding 3 grams off that bad girl. I just finishedy 6th grow, and my big plant yielded 21.78oz. I still haven't weighed the main colas, they need a little more time to dry lol.

        My how far I've come, thanks to all you lovely peeps on this site.
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          I'll have to say it is really hard setting and watching buds fatten up, while one is out of smoke (and no funds either)!


          • alltatup
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            That's when you snip a lil bit here and a lil bit there, hoping it will be ready!!!

          • Farmall
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            I’ve seen smokers of cigarettes become so desperate, they pick up a used crushed out cigarette and re-light it. I guess this is comparable... like alltatup says, try a snip....dry it slowly in an oven .....and instant stash

          • Budler
            Budler commented
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            In the oven???? The temp would destroy all the good things no?

          Get an Ardent Nova decarb machine.
          Just an outsider observing...

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