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F62 Amber Trichomes Before Cloudy

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    F62 Amber Trichomes Before Cloudy

    Some details first:

    Lemon Kush Headband from Humboldt @F62
    2x “300 W” Viparspectra
    7 Gal smart pot with FFOF
    pH dialed in between 6-7
    GH Flora Trio

    So I’ve been watching my trichomes closely every day with a loupe and have noticed that I have a bunch of amber trichomes but the remainder seem a little clear to me still. I started looking at trichomes at F55 and already noticed the amber trichomes, there didn’t seem to be any transition from cloudy to amber. The breeder suggests the finishing time is between 63-68 days so I’m close to those specs but of course trying to go by what the plant is telling me. Please take a look at the (sorry, bad pic but the best I could get, still getting the hang of it) picture and tell me what you see? This is from the top bud, the lower bud sites don’t have nearly as many ambers. In fact, some of the other top buds don’t seem to have nearly as much amber as well, only some, so I’m a little confused.


    Yes many ambers indeed. I would go ahead and harvest. I’ve had plants in the past that skipped the cloudy stage too, where all amber but not as dark as usual, they where a faint yellow amber. No way to know but harvesting and smoking
    current grows


      You have a candidate for a staged harvest.
      Just harvest the ripe buds.

      Take a look at the staged harvest link on my posts.
      It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

      KISS @ Dry/Cure:

      Staged Harvest:

      Grow Journals:

      #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

      #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


        You really want to judge based on the buds. If you are viewing the leaves in your scope...can be a bit confusing. When you see amber...she is ready. And yes, you are correct. The tops of the plants will mature faster than the lowers section of the plant does. When the tops are amber like you are showing in the picture...the lowers are typically milky white. She looks ready to harvest. Enjoy!!
        4x4 600w HID (empty for the summer)
        3x3 400w HID with 4 skywalker kush (new strain for me)
        2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
        running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


          Agree with all above. I too harvested over a 1 week period to keep some flowers still on the plant while the majority was already drying in bags. Then went back and pulled the rest. Its a lot of work anyway so the slight break made the process less backbreaking


            I agree on the staged harvest. Butcher the top, then lower your lights or raise the plant accordingly and give her a week or two.


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