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    HELP! Unknown Syptoms

    Hey! Hope there is someone that can help.

    I have 3 plants in pots and 2 out the 3 are showing symptoms I can't locate anywhere and not sure if it is nothing to worry about. I treat all 3 exactly the same.

    I have attached photos. Hope someone can help.

    And I started noticing that there are these very tiny white bugs coming out of the ground when watering?

    If you have pests, it’s best to identify them and get rid of them before they affect your plants.
    4x4 600w HID empty for summer
    3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
    2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
    running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


      That I will definitely do. Any idea on the leave's curling over?


        Probably bugs. But could be heat, light stress, root damage. But probably bugs eating from root to tip.
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          More than likely fungus gnats from over watering. I had the same problem. Not sure what media your growing in (coco or soil), but that is more than likely your culprit.

          I used a product called "Gognats." A guy at my hydro store recommended it over sm-90 (which I hear is no longer sold anywhere at the moment). Gognats does a really good job of getting rid of them.

          Let your media dry out, and use a "soil soak" method. It just means add it to your watering. I did it once a week for 2 weeks I believe, and they went away. I stopped watering as much and I haven't had them since.

          It's probably causing your leaf curling problems and anything else that looks weird.

          Hope this helped. In my 4th grow journal in my signature (it's the one with 3 bears, bubba kush, and amnesia xxl) you can see what my plant looked like, and how it fixed it. I lost one because it started growing nanners.
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            Doing the soil route.

            Thanks! That makes a bit more sense as we have had very bad weather the last few weeks with very little sun and I did notice that the soil did not dry as it use to so will defiantly take that into consideration.


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