By way of intro: new to the forum … 1st grow … 1st time contributing to a forum … a lot of firsts these days. Retired chemist with an R&D background and a passion for growing things. The better half is a brave survivor with a scrip … perhaps another motivator for me.

For reasons I won’t get into, I inherited a tent, a fan, and some funky lights I haven’t seen anyone mention. Also inherited some seeds of questionable repute. The rest of the stuff I’m using is listed below.

So being a “Hell, just go for it Roy!” (Tincup) type of guy, I’m growing 4 plants using what some might consider rather aggressive techniques for a first-timer.

Been visiting as a guest, and thanks to everyone who has helped me learn a ton. Decided to join to try and pay back a little. I thought how best to contribute and came up with the idea of a newbie’s comedy of errors, and what I’ve learned from them. I’ll highlight where I think I messed up, corrective actions, and how it turned out. We can all learn from our mistakes, and if we can’t laugh at ourselves, right? I’m also hoping I can count on your feedback along the way, and perhaps generate a little discussion, when I inevitably ask for help and advice from you … it seems to be a tradition amongst the members and one of the reasons I joined.

Currently in Day 3 of flower after a 57 day veg. All the ladies (and gentlemen?) appear to be doing well, despite my best efforts to kill them. Hope to at least recover costs during this 1st grow, and of course some mighty fine bud!

Some key errors to date:

1. Failure to adequately pre-plan the grow, particularly given inherited equipment and seeds.

2. Took a long time to get a handle on light distances.

3. Took a long time to get a handle on humidity control.

4. Maybe waited too long between transplants during veg.

5. Snapped a main trunk on Jack 1 during manifolding.

6. Excessive defoliation?

7. Still don’t have a handle on runoff pH … stuck at 5.0 … incoming nute mix at 5.9

Some key learnings to date:

1. Hard to kill … don’t be afraid to experiment a bit … and don’t panic!

2. Try not to over-research or over-analyze … do a little homework for sure, but go for it!

3. Patience grasshopper … patience.

4. 3 strains on 2 different timelines in a small tent … not a good idea.

5. I have so much more to learn!

Apologies for being long-winded … had some catching up to do. Enjoy the pics and I’ll check back soon.

Thanks again folks!

Here's my stuff so far ...

Jack 1: Jack Herer (purchased, feminized) – manifolded to 8 cola

Jack 3: Jack Herer (purchased, feminized) – the “straggler”, topped once then LST only

Afghan: Purple Kush (?) - inherited, sex unknown – manifolded to 8 cola

Passion: Pink Passion (?) - inherited, sex unknown – manifolded to 16 cola

Soil: home-made mix of perlite, sphagnum, Promix Organic and the dreaded Miracle Grow

Reused store pots / 2 gal. plastic pots / 5 gal. hardware store buckets (all in saucers, elevated on racks)/ mickey mouse tomato cage/wire cola support structure

3’ x 3’ x 6’ tent

1 LED light: MW HLG-185H-42B – 184.8 W

2 LED lights: UFO (?) 150 W each

6” exhaust with carbon scrubber

10” desk fan + 2 x 6” clip fans

Mickey mouse home-made heat recovery and humidification system

Stanley space heater

AN pH Perfect Micro/Grow/Bloom/Ancient Earth/B52/Big Bud/Bud Candy/Flawless Finish

pH probe and cal solutions

Acu-Rite wireless temp./RH

Carson Pocket Microscope

Mickey mouse home-made nute mixing system