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What has happened to mmy grow

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    What has happened to mmy grow

    I have a deficiency and I do not know what. This is my sixth grow and I have always used Fox Farm trio Cal-Mag Hydogaurd and a little epson salts and grow in coco coir. Never had this problem. PH is always 5.7 to 6.1. Flush with Bushdoctor at 6 weeks intervals. The following pictures are of the problem, but you will notice the plant on the right is fine no problems. 2 out of 6 are OK the others are not. I feed from the same bucket. I feed then water then feed at 4 day intervals, FIM 3 times each. The plants are all Navana wonderwoman fem seeds two weeks from harvest. The only difference between this grow and my others is a light change. I switched to the 630 watt 2 bulb ceramic(for the entire grow) instead of my old 600w MH/Sodium. This is the only difference. Could this be a problem? Any help will be apprciated.

    What Happened




      Your light wouldn't pick out one plant to jack with, some plants go into a self destruct mode at the end of their life cycle. Just spitballin here, nothing to back that up. Click image for larger version

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      • D.A.A.S.69
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        Some plants even the same strain will do strange things, the last couple of weeks, like changing colors an such, just like Primo said above,
        As close to harvest as you are, If they were my plants, i wouldn't worry about them at all,
        Nice plants, by the way. FlowerPower

      • kingfish
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        I'm with DAAS. I wouldn't do anything this close to harvest. Just give them plain water from now on.

      First pic looks like tobacco mosaic virus - to me.
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        Take a pic from directly over the plants and look at the effected leaves location/pattern-
        It may very well be stress from either the lights or fan.
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          Too much calcium causing lock out? Are you using tap water?
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