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Preparing coco coir bricks with tap water.

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    Preparing coco coir bricks with tap water.

    So I'm about to prepare some coco coir bricks and I'm going to use tap water. End result should land around 60 liter of coco coir.

    My tap water:

    Calcium 50mg/L
    Chloride 6mg/L
    Magnesium 3mg/L
    Sulfate, SO4 14mg/L
    ppm 140
    pH 8

    Do I need to add any kind of nutes while re-hydrating the bricks? I have zero clue if my tap water is good or bad.
    I plan on adding perlite to the mix.

    For reference:
    1 milligram / liter =
    3.78541178 milligrams / US gallon

    What are you planting seeds or clones?


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    Are your bricks buffered?
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      They are not.

    Check they have video tutorials and all the explanations you need good luck


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      Just what I need, Thanks!


    veg solution i use:
    Calcium 2.5 mmol/l = 100 ppm
    Chloride: 0.2 mmol/l = 7.0 ppm
    Magnesium: 1.5mmol/l = 36ppm
    Elemental Sulphur 0.5 mmol/l = 16 ppm

    Whats your goal? Your tap water is excellent to be used to wash coco.


      Rinse well with tap to remove salts,I use a smart pot to do this. Lol


        You need to rinse and then soak in PH adjusted water.
        Unless the coco is already ph balanced...then you don’t need to do a thing.
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