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    SOIL First Grow

    Hey All,

    been a reader of GWE for a few months, half way through my very first grow.

    Thought id start a grow journal. Please go easy on me, I have zero experience with growing anything so it has been a steep learning curve. But big thanks to nebula haze and GWE for all the top class information 👌👍.

    Here is some of the my setup info

    Strain - Barney’s AutoDiesel x 3

    Medium - standard organic compost Soil in 2 (US) gallon smart pots. (My mistake ordered to small pots)

    Tent -800x800x2000

    Light -1200w JS LED full spectrum (10w bulbs)

    Exhaust - 4” vent fan through carbon filter

    Induction - 2x 4” black orchid induction fans

    Nutrients - bio bizz trio pack Grow, Bloom, Top Max

    Other bits and bobs

    Digital temp/humidity reader, Small dehumidifier, dehumidifier pots, digital ph meter, clip on fan, ph up/down, 25ltr container, flower can & small hose, soil ph/light/moisture gauge

    Looking forward to actually be able to talk about my grow 😂.

    Do I just input into this thread as my journal or is there another section I need to start one?


    Just keep your thread going here, and be warned we're pretty picture hungry! Good luck!


      You are there! Just keep postings here and anyone that comments is stubbed in to get notified when you update. Starting with me.

      welcome to the group Peebz and make sure to post pictures
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        I have taken some photo’s through out but really not enough. I will now start taking more photos of the later stages of flowering 👌.

        As long as it’s just photo’s of grow rooms were all good 😂


        Well here is something to kick off to prove I’m not just fibbing. This is just a side project while my auto’s grow, my first attempt and manifolding, which I found out I messed up 🤦*♂️


          This is some info on my grow, I’m about 8-9 weeks in now o I’ll just put in the points of interest. I have a few😂

          This is my attempt at growing some weed for myself as I’m a little sick of buying 2nd grade weed for a lot of money.

          I have a medium size cupboard to grown in and I’m in a cold climate so decided to have a tent instead of a home made box.

          My experience in growing anything is zero, always smoked a bit of weed but never went any further than that. So after many hours of reading on GWE tutorials and journals (yes that’s right I’m a GWE apprentice 😂) I decided to just go with a basic soil grow under a led. So many different ways to go I just went with what sounded good to me.

          I started with 3 auto plants because of their robust characteristics and will hopefully be sympathetic to my newbie mistakes 😂.

          About a week in I also decided to plant a free photoperiod LSD seed to practice on a few things as I won’t to grow photo’s next. Figure I just keep her in veg until the auto’s are done
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            Week 1 day 1

            Germination was straight into soil, but I’m a big guy and ended poking a hole with my big finger and putting them a little to deep. Just took them a few extra days to sprout but they got there. I also started with my LED light which I now understand probably slowed things down a fair bit in my first few weeks

            I used plastic bottles on top of the seedlings until they were 1.5” tall

            Week 2 day 8, 2 have sprouted their first leaves but the 3rd is much further behind at this stage. Keep an eye on it.

            Planted LSD feminized seed I got free from Barney’s when I bought the auto’s. I figured I could practice on this one while I wait on my auto’s and if I get it half right she will get the tent to her self to flower.

            (I knew it would be tight in there in the final stages of the auto’s life but not as tight as I come to find out 😂)
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              Week 3 - just watered as they began dry on top and pot feeling lighter than normal with ph’d tap water between 6.4/6.7. trying to keep it consistent

              LSD has sprouted and looking good
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                Week 3 day 22 starting to get some leeeeevsh! B
                ut one of my stronger girls seems to only be growing half it’s first node

                Looking back on this i must of unknowingly knocked it or poured a drop of water on it during that week and damaged other than that Iv no idea.

                My 3rd auto really didnt look well, it had seriously slowed all growth, almost stopped actually and I was close to throwing it. But, I can’t chuck one of my first girls in the bucket, so decided to help her through the tough times.


                  Week 4 day 28 (think I started using my bio bizz grow, need to check my book)

                  the 2 healthy auto’s continuing to grow but to my surprise something weird and wonderful has become of the 3rd plant that was struggling.

                  She split her cola! (Typical woman 😉, friendly jokes) No idea why or how this has happened. I have always been super delicate with this plant (don’t think I touched the pot for 3 weeks) and from everything Iv read about auto’s I thought this was doomed because of its short life cycle and not recover from high stress like this.

                  Until i read a recent grow journal on here that the mastermind Grower (your all masters of science to me) has been groeing auto’s and mainlined/mainfolded them VeRy damn successfully.

                  The story continues of the problem child continues....


                    End of week 4 was time to give some main lining ago, ever since I read Nugbuckets journal on mainling I was amazed and wanted to try it ever since.

                    felt fairly confident after reading a couple journals on it and my plant had shown no reason not to.

                    my Femanised LSD had grown to 6 nodes and cut to the 3rd node and defoliated the rest but left the 2 big fan leaves....




                        Week 5 this is where some of my problems begin (and continue until week 9 when I figure it out thanks to GWE

                        My humidity has always been between 50% & 60%. struggle with high humidity, I have multiple dehumidifiers running and small pots in the grow area.

                        My temperatures have have been very varied as Iv struggled to control them. Anything between 16 and 25 degrees.

                        I just started using Bio Bizz grow in with my water.

                        2 of my healthy auto’s have been both been making a bit slower progress. But both showing different signs of deficiencies which I can’t put my finger on. Hopefully adding the nutrients things will clear in a few days




                            Week 6 deficiencies and slow growth continue but started noticing white hairs around the dome growth sites so that’s exciting 😁.

                            Wasn’t sure why I was getting these signs of stress when I had adding in nutrients all be it probably a few weeks late into what I thought was correctly ph’d water 🤦*♂️

                            So I made a pretty stupid mistake and just added nutes to my all ready ph’d 10L water container. Not realizing it would throw my ph off by a f***ing country mile 🤦*♂️ 😂.

                            So I sorted my ph mistake, awesome! hopefully now we will get some improvement in a few days after a poorly few weeks.

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