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heard talk about leaves that looked like "bananas" indication of hermie?

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    heard talk about leaves that looked like "bananas" indication of hermie?

    This is my first indoor grow. I've had my ups and downs and I've learned a lot in just a few weeks.. A friend told me to be on the lookout for "hermies" telling me to keep an eye out for leaves that looked like bananas. Is that what I am witnessing here? This plant is 35 days old, It's a Auto Fem "Royal Girl Scout Cookies", It is #2 of 2 that I have going in a homemade soil mix in a 4x4 tent.
    With this being my 1st set up, I was convinced to purchase a Flexsttar 630 with duel Ceramic Metal Halide, Phillips bulbs, (315 W /T12 at 3100K). The tent is running a little warm, average 81F, with RH in the mid 30%. I've got 2 oscillating circulation fans running inside with an overhead inline exhaust fan pulling at 400 cfpm. Because of the heat, I've been afraid to lower the light and currently the distance from top of plants to light is 41". Just need assurance that this girl is not going to pollinate herself. (The other one, #1, does not have these small banana type leaves...). your comments are appreciated. Thank you

    looks fine to me. the only time i saw bananas was on a friends plant and they looked like bananas, yellow an everything sticking out like a hard on


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      Ok, Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear,... just another set of eyes

    Looks super good! Can we see the whole tent please! ☺
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      RedFlannelHippie that's a fine light you got, man.
      Mine is a315lec, and dimmable,it goes down to 140watts ,and up to 345watts.
      I don't know what kind of light you have, but you might be able to run one lamp-bulb, and remove one, not sure, if that will work with your ballast though,
      is your light dimmable?
      You might want to call whoever you bought it from, and ask about removing 1 lamp, it might not lower your heat much by removing 1lamp,but it might help a little, anyway good luck.
      PS- never heard of nanner, leaves, by the way, that's a new one on me.
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        I don’t see any sign of nanners on the plant in the pic. Keep doing what ur doin I’d say. Maybe get that temp down a lil.
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          The bananas (male parts) show up closer to the stem (if you get them). It’s not the shape of the leaves. Look up male mj plants and you will see what I mean. Looks like a nice healthy female from the pict.
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            I don't see any evidence of male sacs but it does show initial signs of clawing. Are you using any nutes with your soil mix? Perhaps a bit too much N.
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              81° F as an average seems perfect to me - could be 79° could be 83° - with the fans circulating the air, I think you are just right. The height off the plants won't change the room temperature and lowering it to the plants will only help them. I'm thinking you could easily go closer - say 32" to 30" above the plants. Keep an eye out - in case I'm wrong. I made it a point to mist my plants every day - all the while talking to them. Just felt that they were getting my good attention and gave us some time to visit. Few mention it here, but a personal relationship with your grow will only result in all involved being happier. Happy growing.



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