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Tell me where you buy seeds and why please.

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    Tell me where you buy seeds and why please.

    I have read that one should start with the best genetics one can get, and I agree with that. I have looked at several sites, like new420guy, which does not give me the info I want to make a choice with.

    Then there is the rules to work under like (from his web site)

    In accordance with current laws we sell seeds strictly as souvenir, novelty items for collectors and traders only, if you have any intentions of germinating or growing these seeds or in any way propagating them we reserve the right to refuse future service to you.
    All sales are final. We accept returns for refund or exchange only for items damaged in transit.

    Upon receipt of the damaged item we will ship out a replacement, if available. If a replacement
    is not available we will refund the full purchase price of your item.
    and then

    Only partial refunds are granted or
    an item may be deemed Non-returnable if any of the following apply:
    any item that has been opened.
    Any item not in its original condition.
    Any item that is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error.
    Like getting smashed in transit?

    I would like to buy from a USA based seed co, though I will consider outside of the USA also, if they have a good history of delivering here..
    Things I need to know are THC content, CBD content, time to expect harvest on autos (I see/read that this is often the shortest time they can/will produce in. I will be looking for some auto flower (her grow) as well as photo types (my grow)
    But I want more than a pretty picture and some not as to say "high THC", I want details!

    So give me some recommendations and your experience with them, from seed to harvest, please and thanx!

    Good day my friend!

    I'm not located in the US, but I thought I could tell you about this one seed company that I've had only good experience with, and that I know a lot of US based folks on here are using as well.

    But first. If you want to read up on a specific strain for a specific breeder, then you should check out Leafy (, there you can look up strain and read review, effects, yields etc.
    I've used it many times.

    The seed company I'm using is called Nirvana Seeds (, and they are great!
    My personal experience with this company is; great quality seeds, affordable prices, good genetics, fast shipping and super discretion and stealth packaging (I had to spend several minutes just to locate the seeds, which is a good thing since the government where I'm from don't take to kindly to the use of Marijuana).

    I know for a fact that several of the guys on here they all buy from Nirvana on a regular basis, and most of them are located in the US.

    This very site also recommend them (;

    (Copied from GrowWeedEasy)

    Located: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Ships: Worldwide Except Australia (highly recommended choice for buying cannabis seeds in the USA!)

    • Great Prices
    • Fast, Discreet Shipping – Nirvana is one of the most stealthy seed vendors – seeds arrive quickly, on time, with inconspicuous packaging. Once I couldn’t find the seeds in my package and had to contact Nirvana customer service to know where to look!
    • Responsive Customer Service – they actually breed and grow their strains in house, so they can accurately answer your questions
    • Well-Established – The people who founded Nirvana have been breeding award-winning strains and selling seeds around the world by mail order since the 1980s, and Nirvana as an international seed source opened for business in 1995.
    • Read customer reviews about each strain and leave your own reviews
    • Promptly ships more seeds for free if you have any problems or if seeds do not arrive
    • Accepts a wide variety of payment options (bank draft, cash, credit, etc)
    • Visit them in person if you’re in Amsterdam!
    • Since they breed their own seeds (hence their slogan “straight from the source”), they only carry strains developed by Nirvana. And although they have great strains, this means you have a much smaller selection than a huge “seed bank”.
    • Unfortunately, no seeds shipped to Australia
    All in all a really good place to buy seeds!

    I hope, even though you said you were looking for a NA based seed company, that this information was of help to you.

    Happy growing!

    Peace and love.

    - C


    • Rwise
      Rwise commented
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      Yes thanx! (bookmarked the site) They dont have 2 I will want, but the auto's for her look great! 420guy doesn't have them either.
      I am looking for Cataract Kush (hybrid) for day time use, and Mazar I Sharif for evening and sleep! Then something with high THC, low CBD levels, to just kick back and relax.

    • Cocho
      Cocho commented
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      Those are some specific strains, and you'll have to buy from a vendor who provides a wide variety of seeds from different breeders across the globe to get your hands on those I guess
      Over here we have something called a seedfinder (, which lets us search for strains and it will give us proven vendors, with prices etc.

      The Cataract Kush ( can be found several places.
      but the Mazar I Sharif (which is a old school strain I believe?) is harder to find (

      When it comes to high THC (heavy hitter) to relax with, the first strain that comes to mind for me is White Widow (
      One of the most potent strains I've ever smoked that did not scare me. Some of these "new" hyper strains are way to crazy for me, with all kinds of psychoactive effects. The White Widow produces a relaxing heavy hitting high, and you'll find your ass on the couch really really fast. Not the kind of strain that lets you do stuff after you've smoked it (in my experience). And it's perfect for hash, butter, oil etc. due to the high amount of resin all over the plant.

      But like mentioned before; since I'm located in Europe, and most of the stuff I know comes from Europe. There's always a chance of getting your seeds nuked by the US customs. But there's some great genetics over here, and there are vendors who do a great job with refunds if the seeds get lost in the mail etc.

      And on a final note..

      I've been thinking about ordering from Seedsman ( too. They're a old and trusted seed bank, and I have friends who only order from them, besides a few local breeders who provide genetics made for this climate. Anyways.. and they have only good things to say about Seedsman. And they have loads of different breeders, good deals and good genetics. But I've read on here lately that people have experienced some issues with them not responding, getting stopped in the customs and getting nuked etc. and I can't say I know in detail what was causing that. And I'm not entirely sure we can blame the seed bank for that? Anyways... I believe they're still worth looking in to.

      Happy hunting!

      - C

    I use 420 guy like above post he's the best. Easy to get seeds fast shipping and just plain great seeds in growing a jack herer and a tie dye atm. Never seen a root system this insane they filled up my new 4 gal pots I planned to grow them all the way in. Almost rootbound in them at 3 weeks from seed lol. Just awsome in my opinion


      On the recommendation of D.A.A.S.69 thought I'd give the newguy420seeds a go. G13 x Haze (2) Feminized. Revolution (3) Regular. Mystery (1) 100% of Unknown Origin.
      Space for Rent.


        I buy in the country I live in. Crop King Seeds - limited variety, but both deliveries were received within 5 days. True North Seeds - extensive selections. Delivered within 10 days. Only problem with True North is their freebies are Canuk Seeds - not the best quality.
        ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
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          I would recommend GreenPoint seeds, interesting genetics, easy to grow, costumer support beyond awesome.


          • Rwise
            Rwise commented
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            Thanx and welcome to GWE!

          Seedsman, mostly- as it's one stop shopping.
          and Nirvana.
          It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

          KISS @ Dry/Cure:

          Staged Harvest:

          Grow Journals:

          #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

          #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


            seedsman last couple grows. perhaps you wanna tell the bank first though as they shut off my card last time order. they didnt care that i was buying pot seeds and fixed it promptly. though i am in a leagal state.


              I certainly understand how customs works, sad we have to deal with that idiocy.
              Many thanx to all, I will be making an order soon with the 2 in the USA, greenpoint and new420guy. I will be for these orders looking at autofems (never had these, it's time to give them a try), it is winter coming on here after all. These sound perfect for indoor grows, get the timing down so we can have a steady supply.
              Well much homework to do,,,,


                Seedsman! I can’t compare to any other suppliers because I’ve only ordered from Seedsman but getting twice the seeds you pay for is too good value to pass up. I have never had a seed from them that didn’t pop. Plan your orders during one of the many promotions they have every year and the deals are outstanding!
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                  Seedsman for me (I buy bitcoin as needed so avoid cash-in-the-mail and credit card headaches). One stop shopping and they have some killer deals especially on new strains.
                  ****tent (2x4) and large light (Relassy 300W LED) is in storage for now until I can solve some household electrical issues****

                  CoM Stonington Blend soil, distilled water; Liquid Squid amendment if needed, molasses for flowering

                  "I'm making perfect sense. You're just not keeping up."


                    It looks like greenpoint ha no autos, or I could not find them, so I have picked 12 to try from the new guy.
                    All are autos
                    White Moscow, White widow, sweet tooth, sour lowryder, snowryder, sour daddy, sour 60, La berry fruta, GDP blast, berry ryder, and auto durban poison. Any tips on these, any I should revisit and change for another?
                    This fits our grow rooms, each of us will plant 6 of these seed, and when they get to harvest time I will double crop them, and plant a new seed. Of course records are a must!
                    I still want the photo typs for outdoor, though I may try some autofems as well. if they will actually deliver in 60 days or so, I can get multiple harvest from free sunshine..


                    • Rwise
                      Rwise commented
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                      I did see the regulars, for me it would suck to get a male! Now IF I was certain of which one I wanted, having a male to make seed with might be nice. I already know that these could be unstable genetically speaking,,,,, but breeding is so much fun,,,

                      I am hoping these will be nice for us

                    • Rwise
                      Rwise commented
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                      furrysparkle, I went back and took another look, some are regular seed, and some are fems, and some are not told, I suspect they will also be regular seed.

                    • furrysparkle
                      furrysparkle commented
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                      Rwise yeah another grower ordered some femautos and accidentally ordered regautos because of bad page design. It’ll get fixed eventually if he lasts a couple years

                    I have just oredered once and from True North Seedbank because:
                    its located in my country
                    they had strains I wanted to try (grizzly purple being one)
                    Haven’t started my grow yet. Just getting things set up waiting for my grow liscense to get processed.


                    • Rwise
                      Rwise commented
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                      I got my permit and went to the garden scratched the ground and tossed out some sack seed. The year is on its way out, and the most light they get was when I added lights to put them to 12/12. I know I will not get a lot from them, but anything is better than nothing. 3 of them look very nice, the rest are about ripe, white crystals growing an tiny fat buds. Now the weather is getting cold, I enclosed them, added a home-brew heater, just maybe I can get a few nice bud for Christmas!
                      Welcome to GWE and enjoy your grow!

                    Ok after much thought, I went with newguy for the price to get started. The web site could use some major upgrades, as in more data.
                    I went with all autofems except 1 that went on sale, snowryder is 2 bucks a seed, and I will hope to get mostly females. The rest were, headbanger, himalaya blue diesel, sweet tooth, white moscow and white widow, order is placed, need to go to the PO,,,,


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