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Check out this cool mutation!

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    Check out this cool mutation!

    Hey guys, just joined the forum and I wanted to show you this mutated plant I got. I have seen weird leaves before but never two fingers fused together. The genetics are unknown, the seeds came from bud in a bag marked "cake gor". I assume it must be called "Gorilla Cake" or something like that. Anyone have any ideas??

    I'll post more updates as it gets bigger. It's growing under a 120 LED with three White Widow plants. I hope it turns out female.
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    Hahaha nice. It has palmed fingers lol are you checking ph? It kinda looks like it’s starting to get spots


      Cool mutation man! And welcome btw

      Man i found little about the strain on google but it seems GG4 and Cheese Cake or Birthday Cake Kush.Saw some swell pic of a grow aswell,if it's the same you are going to love
      9fl is right about spots,right rusty color buddy,lower the Ph/nutes
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        Hey guys thanks for replying. Those pictures were taken maybe a week ago, now all four plants have been pinched and have at least 4 nodes each with under growth exploding. Only that one plant showed any signs of rusty spots, maybe the strain is slightly less hardy than the other White Widow? Either way they all look great now with the Gorilla Cake very clearly showing it's indica heritage with the very wide, fat leaves while the White Widow definitely looks more sativa dominant.
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          Hello All, If that happened to me I'd hope for a male to bring out that mutation. Kind of looks like the Fusion Duck strain Very cool though


          • Nartak
            Nartak commented
            Editing a comment
            Why a male?

          If you can't take cuttings you need pollen If the male seed was produced by a female with the mutation, chances are his offsprings will . That's one set of genes. The second set needed.... the female growing with the mutation right next to him. The mutation could be stabilized . This is based on me tinkering with flower colors


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