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Best way to store harvest?

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    Best way to store harvest?

    Hello GWE community!

    I'm a few weeks away from harvesting Aurora Indicas. I'm a light weight and I really don't need very much to get me into the clouds and will need to store 80% of the harvest and slowly use it.

    I'm mainly an edible person but do vape when I need to quickly get rid of the pain in my body.

    It looks like I am going to have a significant amount of flowers come harvest time and I don't plan on another grow for awhile.

    I was already looking into making dry ice hash, canna butter, tinctures, etc...

    I don't plan on making all of the harvest into canna butter or infused oil right away. I'm worried about making a bunch of canna butter or infused oil right away and then it go bad on me before I can use it all.

    I don't really medicate very often, maybe a few times a month depending on the injuries I pick up.

    What do you recommend I do with the harvest for long term storage? Should I turn everything into dry ice hash and then store the hash? would that be best for storage? or should I try and store the flowers?

    I'm still a couple of months away from the problem of storage, in the meantime, you should read this article;

    Just as an FYI, our founding fathers found a long-term storage solution for corn by converting it to whiskey - works for me.
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      Mmmmmm...... Cannawhiskey!

    Freezing buds works long turm,if u have room?
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      I use cvaults with the big boveda packs and store buds for a year or longer. Some people use vacuum seal bags and put them in the freezer. IF you try them, just make sure you do not suck all the air out of the bags and crush the buds. Good Luck!
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        Quart or half-gallon canning jars, preferably wide mouth and tinted if you can find them. After letting harvest dry enough to put into jars, I will burp them daily for a week or 10 days and keep a VERYclose eye open for any signs of mold-this is when it will appear so stay on top of it. If there are ANY signs of threads forming in the flower get it out of the jar and spread it out to dry. It may be too late already at that stage so use discretion. Once they are cured, I use boveda packs to maintain stable humidity levels and store in a dark cupboard. I only grow once annually for my meds, so storage is paramount for me and this method works really well for me.


        • SovietStoner
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          WalMart or Menards carry a huge selection of wide mouth jars. I got a case of 12 at Menards for $10.

        Check out this video... I was doing some research into this and stumbled across it.

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          if your buds are properly cured, (at least 4 weeks), you can keep them in an air tight glass jar for over a year without opening it.
          Glass jars are the perfect way to store buds. You can store it in a jar for a very long time, and the buds will keep their colors, and potency.
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            I was able to find amber quart jars at wallyworld and the harvest is currently in jars with a boveda pack for a cure. I'm definitely watching for any mold these next few weeks.


            • Toripony
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              About mold... didn't see any during drying or first few days of curing... thought I was golden, then while sampling buds from my #2 plant about a week into cure I would occasionally get a very faint mildewy taste, mostly on first hit... tore open some buds and with a loupe I found the tiniest bit of mold only on the stem in the center of the bud. I ripped apart all those buds, about 40 grams... got it all off of the stems... found a few others w/the same tiny bits but most was ok... other plants were ok... dried it out some more (to 50% RH)... it smokes fine now but I set it aside for cooking/hashing/decarb. If it had gone further might have been ruined. Lesson: look deep inside when checking for mold. I think since the stem is the last part to dry, that's why it started there.

            • NV099
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              Good to know... I just discovered 30 grams of problems and dunked them in a h202 solution to hopefully kill things.

            NV099 I learned the hard way that concentrates lose potency way quicker than properly stored buds. I agree with you about oils and butter because of rancid factor, so I make tincture with Everclear 190 and decarbed bud. Tincture will store in freezer indefinitely.

            I also can't live without the Caliber IV hygrometers. I stick them in my jars and adjust the lids slightly open to get the humidity to slowly drop.

            Click image for larger version

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