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    Hash question

    I want to make some dry ice hash, but live in the boonies have no easy access to get bubble bags so just wondering if maybe a pair of pantyhose might work to "strain" some weed thru so sound off let's hear your opinion please

    Can you not just order some? As far as panty hose I dont think they would work but then again ive never tried that. Maybe someone else has tried it and can speak up.


      Order them online-hell, Walmart sold me mine...
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        I use pantyhose to cover tent inlets and when straining oil- all the plant matter stays in the pantyhouse-
        -The holes in the pantyhouse would become irregular in size- depending if it was stretched and the hash will likely be green/gold.

        That said: I don't know what dry ice will do to pantyhose.

        I've heard of hash being made by simply freezing chopped up leaf/buds in panyhose- and then freeze it- shake the trichomes and repeat the freezing process.

        I've tried mechanical extraction- by beating Malana Bomb on a screen, without success.
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          You need the fabric camping tents are made of


            Not sure how the pantyhose would work and I wouldn't try it unless someone has already done it with success. You should be able to get knock off bubble bags for $25 or so on Amazon. For dry ice hash you only need 3 or 4 bags, IMO. We used 73, 90 and 180 micron bags. the 73 and 90 make nice quality hash for smoking and the 180 we used in cookies.
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              Amazon has 'em. Easy.


                Order online if you can, it’ll be worth it. As a side note if you want hash that doesn’t crumble and actually bubbles up when you heat it up, stick with ice cubes instead of dry ice. Takes longer but way different results
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                  Do you have access to a hardware or paint store? I have bought 160 and 90 micron bags for straining paint before it goes in my airless paint sprayer. They could get you by in a pinch , but I doubt that they would last more than a couple of runs. They are less than $2 each.
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