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Are buds over dried below 50% (43%) salvageable or ruined?

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    HELP! Are buds over dried below 50% (43%) salvageable or ruined?

    With the unexpected coming of high summer temperatures my buds were over dried. Put a total of 16 grams boveda 62% paks inside one of the over dried bud jar. After 12 hours the RH inside the jar is 54%.

    Did the curing process come to a full stop?
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    Not to worry, they should rehydrate just fine. Getting over-dried might have had some effect on the curing process, but not very much I would guess. Just get 'em back in the right range and continue to march.


      Cool. What’s the “no return point” though for curing? Just wondering
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        Well that's an interesting theoretical question about what it probably a pretty complex biological process. I imagine that once you start curing there is some oxidation, some fermentation, some spontaneous breakdown or polymerization of organic molecules and blah blah blah. So if you dry it to the bone that's going to affect it, but it sounds like you caught it fast. I'll bet if you just take care of it now--and it sounds like you are--that it will cure just fine.

        I can't help thinking of the dry-as-dust Mexican brick weed we used to smoke. The only curing it got was being squished into bricks and wrapped in paper for the trip across the border. Not a top-drawer smoke, but it did the job.

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        I shoot for a low 40% when I am drying the buds initially- they will begin to move the moisture away from the center and will rise to 60%+ in a few days-unassisted.

        Once curing has begun- the range is around high 50's to high 60's for optimal curing.

        At that, point the buds have been jarred for awhile- after that - the curing will stop below 55% constantly- but your buds are not lost/ruined- just arrested developement and will not get better.

        The below, KISS tutorial on drying/curing will demonstrate the ups & downs of rh during the process!

      If you have stems, even pieces of the main stem... Add them to the jars. They still have lots of humidity and will give it up to the buds. The best water to re-hydrate over-dried cannabis is water that is already inside cannabis!


        They are fine-
        It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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          Hey Bart, if you still have another plant growing, snip a fresh a little bud for each jar to re-hydrate. Works great.


            I bought bovedas. The rh is 55% right now.
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              Originally posted by Bartholomew View Post
              Cool. What’s the “no return point” though for curing? Just wondering
              When your bud turns to dust...that's too dry
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              800w of Vero's and F-strips
              4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


                Been there. We had to be away for 2 weeks while buds were on the drying rack. They got pretty crispy! We rehydrated using Boveda 72s and kinda re-cured. Saved our first grow. We now make sure we are always home during harvest and cure.


                  Any overdried bud can be sent to me for proper disposal. You don't have to live like that.
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