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First grow, Bluecheese fem ! newbie!

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    Day 70 / Day 9 Flower

    We have pistils! The flower stretch has started plants are shooting up. Have one that's not like the others. I have tried to train it to stay short but now I'm out of space to make it any wider and it's shooting up like a rocket. All ways one bad kid in the bunch 😁.
    Tried to take pictures even with the canopy so you can see the height difference.

    Gave one gallon of PhD molasses water today to each plant as well. Temps here are getting brutal in the mid 90s staying just at 90 in the tent. It's warm but nothing I can do to change it with the tent location. Plants seem to be holding up just fine though.


      Day 73 / Day 11 flower
      The stretch is in full swing. I'm starting to think I need a bigger grow space. It's getting really hard to get to the plants in the back.

      Did super crop one really tall cola. I hope this was the right thing to do. Never done this before. Had to do something about it though it was way taller than all the others.

      Did a little pruning, cut some bigger fan leafs blocking bud sites and lolipoped em as well.

      I'm no good at photo takeing but here's some pics.

      Any advice is welcome.


        looking Good


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          Editing a comment
          Thanks, I'm amazed how smooth sailing it's has been. Gotta thank all the people on here for that.

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