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I got buds! Well kinda...

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    I got buds! Well kinda...

    This is my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree... Blackberry Auto that was in wrong soil, transplanted to FFOF, then told that might be too hot of soil...been plugging along since Jan 28th with it. Yup, same one I asked a few weeks ago if it was starting to flower... I really like the purple color the leaves are starting to turn! Can't wait to see how big these buds get...well...hopefully they will get bigger. All the work I put into this plant, it better be good to me.

    very pretty color indeed (: keep us posted on those purple buds


      There lookin good pyro, really like the purple color that's starting. I have heard before that Blackberry strains can be kinda finicky to grow, so yer doin good!
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        January & it's only starting flowering now. Slowest Auto ever!
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        • GreenhouseEffect
          GreenhouseEffect commented
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          Think they are related to the ones I planted in January, started flowering earlier, but pretty sure they won't be ready till July... Think my photos that got switched after 4-5 weeks vedge are gonna beat them.

        Pyro, don't threaten your plant. ;-}
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          Pyro that looks cute buddy!!Where is the purple coming from?I mean is it a pheno or?
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          • Pyro1711
            Pyro1711 commented
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            It's a I guess the purple is pheno? It smells amazing and is definitely a pretty plant! But damn I'm going on 4 months now and it's still not ready to harvest yet!

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