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    Stretch slowed down and we're working on some bud formation here. Debating on taking off some lower skinny branches to promote more growth to the mains. But they're so full of life and budlets I'll probably just keep them. De worked and tent is gnat free...for now. Everyone's plants look great and can't wait to see some trichs now 😆. ✌ Click image for larger version

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    Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


    • Chefbjy
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      Hey Campesino yes these are dgth. They haven't quite stopped but the mh helped in combination with warm lights off temps to slow verticle growth down. They haven't stretched much since I put the hps in so they seem to be working on budsites now. Still running warmer lights off temps too.

      I know what you mean about wishing you'd taken more off. That's how I feel about my shop grow. So I'll decide this weekend if I really want to. Lollipopping will encourage that stretch ime.

      Coming on 70 days for the misfits and they're getting ripe fast and I'm thinking they're really close. Maybe 14 days 😉. They sure smell good too. I took a look at trichs already since pistils are starting to curl and wow. Maybe you got the same strain who knows but they kinda smell like bubblegum to me 😆. Have a great weekend buddy.

    Misfits Click image for larger version

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    Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


    • Canuck147
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      Fabulastic! Love them when they are at this stage.

    • LurkingInTheGrass
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      They look pretty good for misfits 😁

      How are they smelling?

    • oldjarhead100
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      those are some nice looking misfits at least they were a decent strain I've got the opposite problem one non auto ,I signed up but cant log in IDK I'm going to give a day and try again

    Hey all, heres a quick update... defol the last few days, res change today. Upped the LKB and added a Pulse sensor to my tent! This one tracks VPD and light intensity in some sort of % (need to figure that out still) as well as temp and rH.

    Snapped a main on the Aurora Indica which is a bummer cuz it was nicely trained - and I love Indica. I blame the bomb ass canna-cracker-brittle I made yesterday 💪🤓🤙🤤🤤🤤

    Had a couple cups of everclear tincture still lying around. Reduced it to "RSO/MBO" and used the majority of it for the butter and brownsugar mix (1cup of each). Poured that over saltine crackers then sprinkled chocolate chips on top and let it bake in the oven for about 15-20 mins. Spread chocolate evenly and chill in the fridg.
    Instagram: @farmerjim420
    What is VPD?

    #1 Nirvana Super Skunk - 49/49 - DWC - 64g (1 plant)
    Completed: #2 Nirvana Lemon OG Haze - RDWC - 460g (3 plants)
    In progress: #3 DARK HARVEST GROW CHALLENGE! (Group Thread)!
    In progress: #3 Dark Harvest Grow Challenge - farmerjim (thread)

    Current Setup:
    • Scrog Tent: HydroFarm Phantom cMH reflector & ballast - Phillips MasterColor 3100/4200k
    • Mainline Tent: HydroFarm Phantom Dual 315 cMH
    • #diyrdwc
    • GH Flora Trio, CalMag, Hydroguard, ArmorSi, Diamond Nectar


      Hey everyone! Just wanted to post quick up dates pics!


      • Tika
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        Lovely truly

      Waiting for some pics from Campesino..................... What crime against humanity did he commit to get banned? Shit I should have been banned ages ago!


      • freddyyola
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        why did he get banned, and who banned him?

      • starramus
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        It could have been anyone. For instance maybe Jefferson Beauregard Sessions did it. Those shifty eyes tend to give him away. He was an attorney you know, and they cannot be trusted.

        I confess! All of the above is disinformation.

      • farmerjim
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        Its def a super bummer, but the dark harvest is alive and well. If anyone is on instagram you can find him there... @drmjcoco

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