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    HYDRO Trichome Life Cycle

    First off let me just say that this web site is Hands Down the best there is. Everything you need can be found here, no BS, no Junk, no hype. Thank You for all the time and effort, it really is a fantastic site.

    I have always been from way back in the 60's a dirt outside pot grower, I'm ancient, old as dirt. I have a tattoo that is 45 years old.

    I was inspired 4 years ago, by this website and the 600w hydro grow guide. This is my fourth grow cycle in my new tent and in-door hydroponic growing system. This has been the MOST fun i have ever had growing and has been a fantastic experience for me. I have also learned a ton, made many mistakes, and improve my growing on every run. This brings me to my question and latest tragedy. I am growing White Widow Extreme, and the plants are at full term right now, fully budding and i am watching my trichomes for just the right time to harvest. I had two problems late in the grow run, one was a slight light burn, and the other was some root rot in my solution. My buds look ok considering the two screw ups but the trichomes dont seem to be turning any more white, like they should be. So my question is:

    Short of the plants dying, Do trichomes always continue to go through there life cycle? or can they be slowed? or stoped? by a compromised plant? or an injured plant?

    The buds do not seem to me to be growing, thickening, or changing in any way, like they are frozen in time. Is it time to give up and harvest or will the trichiomes eventually turn all milky? (about 50% clear 50% white right now)

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

    My system is a:

    4x4 tent.
    600w MH/HPS bulbs
    2 60W Supplemental Led spectrum lights
    GH Eco Grower 14 gallon deep water culture hydro system
    GH Flora Series Nut. System, with all recommended life cycle supplements
    440 cfm fan, w/ light cooling hood and ducting
    Growing White Widow Extreme from seed, from a very reputable seed bank
    Have used the same system for 3 previous runs with great success. High Yields and High Quality.

    Thank You

    It takes time, just be patient it could happen in a blink of an eye and watch the midtier trichomes to go cloudy for harvest and if you want a more sedative high wait till they turn amberish


      I think it may be possible if it is stressed hermie. Once it goes into producing pollen and seeds all other faculties stop and it focuses on the new efforts. I could be wrong, someone will correct me if i am.

      But if you arent finding tons of seeds, then this isnt likely your issue and just keep waiting as Deadhead91suggested. It will happen.
      ~UrbZ~ Grow Big or Go Home!


        I am by no means an expert but I would think that the combination of your 2 issues would certainly slow the natural cycle of trichome development. Slight burn on the leaves will slow the photosynthetic process while the root issues would slow nutrient and water uptake. While there is nothing that could be done to fix the damaged leaves, the plants would focus energy trying to heal the damaged roots thus pulling energy from the ripening process. As the others have stated, I would give the plant more time provided the root issue has been resolved.
        Failure is an opportunity for improvement!!

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          Sounds like mild shock. Lower the light intensity/raise light if you can it may help her recover. Deadhead91 knows about root rot. Give em more time.

          Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


            Definitely skimmed the post but now i read it definitely check for those balls sacks I got lucky just cause I ripped the sacks off with water to sterilize the pollen and tweezers with a paper towel under it and stop all airflow but if the sacks popped already you just got to wait, how did you get rid of the root rot?


            • Deadhead91
              Deadhead91 commented
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              Btw I only ended up with 2 seeds from the whole harvest I did

            I used feminized seeds, and from all my experiences there is no Hermie's here. All female traits.

            The light burn was after the big stretch after flipping my lights to 12/12 cycle, They crept up slowly towards the lights and i caught it late, but it was mostly that and one very hot day when the tent got a little too hot (about 89 degrees) still something well known by me and totally my mistake. I did raise my lights, and turned my fan up for heat control.

            The root rot was also totally known by me and also my mistake. I let my solution go longer than i should have and some dead fan leaves got into my tank that i did not catch in time. I did a full H2O change out and used Hydrogaurd to cure it. The roots did recover but the minor damage to them had already happened.

            They are still only using about half the water they usually would, I think part of that is them slowing down for the end of the life cycle and part of it is partially damaged roots slowing the nut. uptake.

            It might be worth noting i live in California and have come to learn that for me it is easier to grow in the winter than the summer. I dont fight the heat at all. In fact if anytthing i fight the cold a little, I use a small Aquarium heater because if i dont my solution can go below 60 degrees, so the heater keeps it around 65 to 70 degress. I also realize we crazy California people dont really know what winter is. We think when it rains for two weeks that IS winter. I already have tomatoes growing out side in my garden well over a foot tall, and i can also keep growing them well into the fall and winter.

            Thanks for all the comments and suggestions everyone.


            • Deadhead91
              Deadhead91 commented
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              I’m in so cal and the heat will ruin a harvest and just stunt growth in flowering and makes it sugar leaf a lot possibly and what is the humidity that could be a huge factor issue too

            • Deadhead91
              Deadhead91 commented
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              Btw you still got lots of white hairs you got at least a few weeks

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