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Cloudy with a little amber ..... Is she ready?

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    Cloudy with a little amber ..... Is she ready?

    Hey all ..... Wondering where the sweet spot is..... Not really in to the couch lock thing .... But don't like the paranoia..... When is best to chop?? Let me know where y'all like to take them at!?

    Looks like you got a 2 to 4 weeks wait till the hairs are mostly orange through the mid tier buds is the best time to harvest


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      Agreed on the plants in question.

    Sounds ready to me throw her in the dark and wait. 24 hours and chop away lol


      Also a in a couple pics it looks as if they have light burn might want to raise the light or try to tie them away or down if possible be careful not to snap it off though


        When they are cloudy with a little amber- is exactly where I stop the nutes and just give molasses/water and let them fatten for 5-14 days.
        I keep an eye on the white hairs as you want them darkening/curling.
        If more ambers begin to show up- that determines the actual chop date, as you can stay in the "harvest window" for a couple of weeks.
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          Cloudy with a little amber. Sounds perfect.
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            mmmm, tasty.
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              I like more of a head high so cloudy with a little amber (10%) is when I harvest. I should try to let some get more amber so I can compare but...
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                Hey PuravidaC, if you ever ,let them mature, 20-30amber, you will not ever harvest early again, I can promise that, it's 100 times better. We let em go to all amber around here, at least they all look amber pretty much. And it's still just as powerful as 20-30percent colored. Try it man.

              • PuravidaC
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                I will DAAS69, next time.... I promise! 😉

              If I saw cloudy with a little amber, I wouldn't give them a long flush, because I don't want tons of THC degrading into CBN. Cloudy puffed up trichomes is peak potency.
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