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Strange pink spots

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    Strange pink spots


    Strain - Indica Blue Cheese (Barneys)
    # of Plants - 1
    Grow Type - Soil
    Grow Stage - Flowering
    Bucket Size - 2.5 Gallon
    Lights - 50 (6500K) + 80 (3500K) Watt LED
    Nutrients - Greenhouse Powder Feeding Series + Cana 14/12
    Medium - 75% Soil 25% Perlite
    PH - 6.5
    RH - 50% to 55%
    Room Temperature -78 to 84
    Solution Temperature -65 to 69
    Room Square Footage - 3' x 2'
    Pests - None Known

    This plant had root aeration problems from the beginning. Then I transplanted into another soil better mixed and prepared.

    I noticed pink spots 2 weeks ago and thought the leaves will turn this color. But, today I used a lens to zoom and here is what I discovered:

    Any thoughts?

    Hey Weedarast - That's a great post you started there, telling everyone everything. Good on ya. Is that Can a 14/12 a calcium magnesium additive?
    If it isn't, then maybe that's what you need.
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


    • Weedarast
      Weedarast commented
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      No. That's P K additive. Mg is included in powderfeeding series. I'll try some cal.

    Weedarast I had a similar problem with a few GSCs. My problem was that my LED were too close. The LEDs burn the leaves a little different the say HPS. I moved my like an inch past the recommended height mroblem gone. Does it feel and look like a rash on a human?


    • Weedarast
      Weedarast commented
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      It looks like teenage face pimple. Try to zoom on 1st photo. Has whitish head. But the strange thing is that is mainly on lower leaves. So I don't think the over-lighting is the cause.

      Actually, was. Cause yesterday I removed most of leaves. Today plant looks very well. Continuing observation.

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