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Durban Poison Grow: Week 8 of flowering buds not fattening and dicolored leaves

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    You use one of these Chinese "300W" plurple lights, with possibly 60 (or 100) LEDs, like the Marshydro "300W" LED lights and countless others? (They're all the same really, based on these Epistar LEDs)
    Then it's LIKELY that it's your light, and in particular if you grow a number of plants. (How many are you growing?)

    Disregard ANY of these claims about wattages of the lights, because they call them "300W lights" 300W merely because they have 60 LEDs which can take a max. of 5W each, but in reality they are driven much, much lower. Besides, how much power the light takes is entirely irrelevant anyway since different types of lights can have different efficiencies.

    I used to grow with these lights but NEVER flowered with them, they are simply to weak. The problem is not the light output per se (this, in theory, might be ok) but the poor spread of these lights (light might be "ok" if you have ONE plant right underneath one light, but not enough to cover a wider area) and their inability to penetrate far down through the canape. It's "ok" vegging lights and for seedlings and vegetables, but I doubt this will grow large buds whatsoever. So look into your lights, cannabis needs a lot as I am sure you know.
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      Grown under 300 watt light with epistar leds.


        I'm seeing signs of reveg too. Some of the leaves look smooth without the serrated edges. Was there a light schedule interruption?
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          No light schedule interuption but in the first two weeks I had heat issues.


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