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First timer close to harvest, question

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    First timer close to harvest, question

    So this is my baby, pretty much an accident as in I wasn't really paying attention to details when first started growing. I count it as a win I haven't killed it, so I'm not expecting that much from it. But time is an evil bitch kicking me in the back and at this point I'm not sure what to think of it. Is it ready, is it not, it's really not helping that my camera is a pureblood potato, she kinda looks different IRL. Any opinions?

    If it's not ready, it's damn close. In your photos I'm only seeing amber on the leaves, not the bud, so it may need a little bit longer.

    GWE on when to harvest

    Someone with more experience than I have will be along soon with better advice than I can give.
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      Three main factors for readiness are pistils getting red/brown and curling in; breeders flowering time (like 7-9 weeks) and trichomes. The pistils are getting there for sure. Are there are other buds on the plant that still have lots of white hairs standing straight? Or are they mostly darkened and curled in? Do you know what the strain breeder's flowering time range is? Finally, to check the trichomes you'll need a loupe or digital microscope to check out the trichomes. Mostly cloudy with a few amber is a typical time to chop. Check out GWE for more info.
      When should I harvest the buds from my cannabis plant? That is the eternal question... I'm sure the answer we're all thinking is "Not soon enough!" Unfortunately...
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        lol great minds!

      That is a pretty bud , depends on how you like your high , you like going fast or slow? I'm an old man and I kinda like going a little slow that's why I would let her grow for another week or so. But either way you have got a beautiful bud. You are getting real close. Great Job Muchwow
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        Nice looking bud Muchwow! 👍 As you may be hearing, harvest time can be a matter of personal preference, provided you're in the harvest window. As much as many here on forum like to wait to see amber on trichomes, I have come to love the effects of an earlier plucking, which gives me a mellow high, somewhat energizing and not too sedating. Your bud definitely looks ready IMO. Nice job! 🐸
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          Thanks guys! Yeah I prefer a bit more of an upbeat high, checking it out today. Week 9 of flowering ended yesterday, the sort I have no idea about (we have a small box of miscellaneous seeds, some good ones, some probably shitty). I took two ones blindly, both started growing, cat ate the bigger one (actually, three times altogether.. Kitty also likes walking through grinded buds..)


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            I so feel your pain, lol

          hey muchwow have you used molasses yet ,my last grow beginning week 8 I gave them water and molasses and my bud size doubled in 3 days ,now I cant say if it was the molasses or just timing but I will always give it a shot of molasses from here on out, what an amazing cat eating male plants for you lol try growing a cat nip plant outside your grow space the cat will never get to your plantslol
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            Hey that's a great idea, I was thinking about adding molasses but forgot to, next time definitely, loads of people have had nice experiences with it. I'm already waiting to start a new plant, lots of things to try out, this is quite fun. But the work is not over yet, gotta remember that one


              What a very nice Sativa. Looks like it could be Panama Red. I'd say you are at 70% pistils Trichs look really milky I'd say 90%. As far as Amber I'm not seeing it in rows yet but it is present. I think you'll be killing her in a week or two.
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