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  • Thank You GWE

    Hello All

    I just harvested my first grow , and wanted to extend gratitude to this website and the growers in the forum who answer our rookie questions.....THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! There is lots of miss information and conflicting opinions on how to grow on the internet and on youtube and it becomes overwhelming to a newbie. This is the best most organized website out there. I would not have had the confidence to make the investment needed to grow if it weren't for GWE.

    I ended up with 4.1 ozs. of White Widow auto-fem bud from 4 plants following the 4-7oz tutorial. I made a shit load of mistakes along the way but also learned a lot. I'm very happy with the yield , I know my second grow will be better and I plan on trying LST to increase the yield a bit.

    Man this is a great hobby ....... second grow of 4 Gorilla Glue auto-fems are germinating and looking forward to starting the process again.

    Thanks GWE

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    Well done I know the feeling mate it's awsome.
    It's 4:19 u got a minute?

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    1x315 cmh, 2x300w led
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    Completed grows.
    Blueberry 8.2 oz, Strawberry kush 1.5 oz


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      I could not agree with you more. I still have a couple months+ until my first harvest but there's no way I would have even tried growing, let alone got as far as I have with this degree of success without the GWE site and the kind folks in this forum!
      My first grow
      Nirvana ♀ Northern Light photo
      Kind Soil/Roots Organic Original
      5 gal. Smart Pots


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        Congratulations Carblevel, good job ,I sure hope you enjoy your smoke. Yes next time LST will definitely increase yield.


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          Thanks abadtrip it's a wonderful feeling

          Aloner best of luck with your harvest

          Thanks DAAS


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            Excellent carblevel, the first grow can be so certainly was for me! 🌿 And GWE made such a major contribution in making it possible!👍 Best of luck with #2!! 🐸
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              Thanks Rockman

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            Hey Carb, that's exactly how I felt after I joined this forum!! We're glad to have you with us!!!!!
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              Thanks ATU

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            Gratz!!! Glad you've had a good harvest!
            Grow and good luck!
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            TBD probably in October or November

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              Thanks All


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                hey carblevel welcome congrats on your first grow ,I just finished 5 autos outside with about the same yield. I have 4 more autos growing in my veggie garden that I manifolded and its going to yield 3 to 4 times as much as the other 5 that were lsted. green75 has a great video on you-tube about it check it out
                argo max tent ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . current grow gorilla glue 14th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s


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                  Lucky 75's is his and LuckyAcres' channel.

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                  thanks aloner couldn't remember it

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                  Thanks OJH will definitely check it out

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                I couldn't agree more. GWE is a great resource and the forum is great. You'll typically at least get a few opinions when asking for help and that is what people need. It's a complex process to grow and receiving feedback from others can be very helpful. Sometimes it's something simple that you may know but didn't think of right off.
                4X4 Gorilla with Solar Storm 440 LED. Coco / perlite, 5 Gallon fabric containers. LST, Manifold, scrog. Grows to date all Indica Dominant Hybrids

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                  Absolutely Sheesh

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                all things cannabis are possible here!!! and best place i know of to get started!!!


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                  Great community, great site, a 1-2 knockout!
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