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    Indoor grow tent lighting

    I would like to try an indoor grow. I am only looking for a small grow 1 to 2 plants. I plan on ordering a grow tent this week. The dimensions are (24 x 24x 48)" / (60 x 60 x 120)cm (L x W x H) The tent itself ways 12 pounds. I'd like to get people's opinions on lighting. I'm overwhelmed with all the information on the GWE website. I was leaning towards the LEDS. How much wattage would I need though for my grow space and only doing 1 or 2 plants? I'm not rich so money will play a role. Any info would help.

    Unless you are planning on growing some bonsai weed 48" is going to run out of space. Even with a squat indica I would need at least 5' and if there is any sativa in the mix I'd want at least 7'. With a 4 sq ft footprint I'd shoot for 150-200 actual watts for best results.


      Hey Porcha I agree with Gbauto I think your room is to short . I have 7.5 feet ceilings in my room and I have just enough room . with light distances and such . I have a hps light for bloom and that would be to hot in that room now leds dont give off alot of heat but the distance from plant should be around 18 inches. in a room 48 inches tall that really restricts your grow . If you manifolded autos then you might be able to do it. the autos I have outside are about 3 feet tall right now but I don't think they will get any taller. if you try this and still run into height issues you can rub the stocks between fingers until they bend over to keep them out of lights I just looked in my HTG catalog and argomax has a 39x39x79" tent for 160.I personally think this would suit you better, hope that helps, oh if you decide to go leds I hear great things about the lec315 I beleive its about 80
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        In a small short tent, you will not only run out of room for the plants to grow, but heat will be a problem. In my limited experience height if very important in maintaining the proper environment your plants are growing in. Just sayn.
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          I bought a 2x2x4 to put inside my larger tent. I have 1 300weq (135 actual) LED with heat sinks and dual fans. The plan was to vent hot air from the small tent into the large tent using the large tents filter to pull air through. The small tent was situated so two sides aligned with vents in the larger tent. Empty the tent runs 78F. My 300 W LED needs an absolute minimum of 18 inches above the plant the pot is going to be what say 15 inches tall oh I got a few inches left The LED is 3 inches thick so I can grow up to a 12" tall plant.
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